Home remedies for shortness of breath

Dyspnea is another way to call shortness of breath. This disorder of breathing often occurs when you do exercise or go upstairs Climbing to high altitudes may lead to breathlessness because of less oxygen in the air. Health issues, especially issues related to lung functions, can cause shortness of breath. Besides, problems resulted from heart diseases or emotional problem, bronchitis, cold, flu, obesity, diabetes, nasal congestion also lead to dyspnea.

There are various treatments for breathlessness and in this article, I will introduce you some home remedies for shortness of breath if your symptoms are from mild to moderate.

Relaxation therapy

Yoga is well-known to increase blood as well as oxygen flow through your body, slow your heart rate. They can reduce anxiety and stress. To best result, do yoga in open air so you have chance to breathe in pure and fresh air. You should practice yoga regularly and correctly.


The possibility to treating chest as well as nasal congestion makes ginger an excellent home remedy for shortness of breath. Ginger has several anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help inhibit mucus secretion, otherwise, fights off throat and respiratory diseases. Drink a couples of ginger tea’s cups a day.

To brew the tea, boil 2 cups of water and add some freshly chopped ginger slices. Then cover, slimmer around 10 minutes. Use honey to add to the tea if needed. Another way, you can chew small ginger candies or ginger pieces.

Black coffee

Shortness of breath can be improved by drinking a cup of black coffee. The caffeine can lessen respiratory fatigue; it is able to enhance airway function, too. Moreover, it may decrease the symptoms of asthma. The best consumption is 1 to 2 cups of black, strong coffee a day to relieve breathlessness and keep your breath normal. Remember not to drink coffee excessively as it may result to raise heart rate as well as blood pressure.


In the circumstance that you are suffering shortness of breath as a result from anemia which is caused by a lack of iron, then beetroot is the perfect option for you. Beetroot contains high amount of iron and many healthy properties such as potassium, calcium, vitamins and fiber, which makes it unmissable home remedy for shortness of breath. To use, choose 1 medium-size beetroot and 3 carrots, a half of a sweet potato and some spinach, then extract the juice from them. Drink the solution once a day.

Alternatively, you can roast 1 to 2 beetroots then cool down and peel. You can add pepper and salt based on your favor and eat them.

Pursed-lip breathing

It would be a mistake if this treatment is not listed as a home remedy for shortness of breath. seat comfortably and relax your shoulder and neck. Remain your both lips pressed tightly together, but loose the center part of the lips. Breathe in by your nose a couple of seconds. Breathe out slowly and gently through your lips and at the same moment, count to 5. Do it for around 10 minutes. You can this method any time you feel breathlessness.

Above are top 5 home remedies for shortness of breath which are very easy for you to apply. Remember to quit smoking as well as stay away from being a secondhand smoker as it may cause lung diseases and breathing problems. You have to consume water sufficiently to remain hydration and lessen the mucus. You should adjust position while working and sleeping like sitting forward, standing against a wall to support your back and shoulder. Remember to lose weight if you are overweight and obese. Hope this article is helpful to you!