Here are 7 best places to Visit in April 2018!

With March already here, April will be upon us soon bringing with it some early holiday cheer. People look forward to April as this is the month that’s generally considered to be the ideal time for a vacation. Some won’t even bother planning a holiday and will just leave on a spontaneous last minute trip. Have you decided where you want to go on a vacation this April yet?

Best Places to Visit in April:

Rising temperatures, a few showers, flowers blooming, and the ever-present warmth of the sun make April one of the most pleasant months of the year. There are so many April vacation destinations that it’s difficult to pick just one. If you don’t know where to go in April, this one’s just for you. We’ve put together a list of some of the best places to visit in April. Take a look and see which one you’d like to visit this year.

Kyoto, Japan

7 best places to Visit in April

There can be no better time than April to visit this former imperial capital of Japan. With an incredible 1,000-year-old history, it’s very easy to see why this picturesque place was voted by Travel + Leisure readers in 2015 as the World’s Best City. One of the most romantic places in the world, visit with your beau if only to look at the city’s famed Cherry Blossom trees which are in full bloom this time around. Stroll hand-in-hand and take in breathtaking sights on what can be your most romantic holiday ever.

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Chicago, Illinois

7 best places to Visit in April

With winter wrapping up, there can be no better place than Chicago to head to this April. Apart from being one of the best places to visit in April, it’s also one of the most affordable cities to visit offering attractions by the ton. From massive monuments and beautiful parks to sky-rises and delicious food, you name it and Chicago has it. There are plenty of top-notch museums as well which you will love exploring if you happen to be an art lover. Your staying options here have also expanded with scores of new hotels on the rise.

Havana, Cuba

7 best places to Visit in April

The capital of Cuba is one of the most interesting and best places to visit in April in world. The place offers a charismatic charm one cannot explain in words. With the city rapidly changing, it’s best to visit as soon as you can before you miss what it was originally like. Take a stroll along the streets of Old Havana and explore its majestic architecture. You can go snorkeling at the beaches in the city’s eastern side as well. Havana is one of the most fantastic albeit offbeat destinations in the world you can explore.

Rome, Italy

7 best places to Visit in April

April is the best time if you wish to explore the stunning capital of Italy. Offering the perfect weather, this is the best time to stroll around and explore magnificent attractions such as the Pantheon or the Colosseum the city has to offer. Also at your doorstep is a visit to the Vatican where you can explore iconic monuments such as the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Rome is an absolute must-visit for history, nature, architecture, and art lovers. So if you happen to be any of the above, invest in some business class flights and head to Rome this April.

Victoria Falls

7 best places to Visit in April

At the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia is nestled the largest waterfall in the world. The reason this is one of the best places to visit in April is that this is the month that marks the beginning of dry spell here. With the water flow less in-your-face, you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of the majestic waterfall. But the question most tourists ponder over the most is whether to visit the waterfalls from the Zimbabwean or Zambian side. You can actually do it both ways for about $100 in Visa fees.

Penang, Malaysia

7 best places to Visit in April

Penang in Malaysia is one of the best places to visit in April and an absolute must for foodies to head to! Popular as the best street food destination in Asia and possibly the world, a walk through the capital of George Town will show you why. Hundreds of food courts, open-air markets, and hawker stands await your exploration offering a fantastic blend of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Apart from fabulous food, you can enjoy exploring Buddhist temples, look at fantastic street art, or trek through the jungle.

Central Otago, New Zealand

7 best places to Visit in April

Marked by scenic valleys and mountains, Central Otago is one of the most beautiful regions of New Zealand. Autumn arrives in April here bringing with it a flurry of visitors. They come to witness the vines and trees transform from lush green to an array of magnificent colors ranging from orange and fiery red to yellow and golden brown. If you’re a nature lover you should absolutely book cheap flights for a trip to this fantastic place this year. April is the perfect weather for a hike or a bike ride to enjoy the remarkable natural beauty the region is blessed with.