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Top Haunted Places In The World

Most of us have heard and enjoyed ghost stories when we were kids. We might have forgotten some but some still remain in our brain. In this article we are going to tell you some of the most spooky places in the world which might get surprise you.

Here is the top 5 haunted places that exists in the world:

Puveglia Island

Puveglia Island, Italy:

We all are familiar with the name Venice, beautiful & creative architecture, canals and bridges float though your mind. But hold on, there is an islands in Venice which is one of the most haunted places in the world. Puveglia Island is one of the most evil places in the world, arguably second only to Auschwitz.

This Island is one of many islands in the lagoons of Venice, Italy which was used as a plaque quarantine zone. As to the magnitude of horror and evil, 160,000 infected people died here during plaques that struck Europe.

Infected were first dumped in trenches and later other dumped were burnt alive. According to some whispers, half of the island land now consists of human remains and the surface is ashen with burnt human flesh.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland:

An elegant castle perched atop of volcanic Castle Rock. The “Edinburgh castle” is a major tourist attraction offering extent overview of Scottish hills and grassland.

The massive citadel is claimed to be one of the most spookiest places in Scotland. Most of the castle visitors said to have reported ghost dogs, a headless drummer and the spirits of seven year French war prisoners and colonial prisoners from American War of Independence.

HighGate Cemetery

HighGate Cemetery, London:

In North London, High gate Cemetery is a popular cemetery which scores among the top haunted places in United Kingdom. The old Western Part of the cemetery is the part which adds to the spooky character with its dark ambience, overgrown vegetation, spooky Egyptian Avenues and Gothic architecture.

This visit to this part is only allowed as part of a guided tour. It is said that as the night falls the haunted environment starts to descend the panorama.


Bhangarh, India:

Bhangarh is a deserted town located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, India. This fort was established by Madho Singh in 1613, the town is said to be cursed by a black magician.

It is said that a black magician Singhia who cursed the palace around Bhangarh fort that everyone who resides in this area would die and their souls would get imprisoned in the palace forever without rebirth.

This spooky story of Bhangarh attracts a number of tourists and daring souls to this elusive fort in the outskirts of Alwar. Before sun rise and after sun set no people are allowed to travel in this area.

Changi Beach – Singapore:

One the most haunted places in the world is Changi Beach which is situated on Singapore. It is believed that the Changi Beach is a popular killing ground of the Chinese soldiers by the Japanese during the “Second World War”. Millions of Chinese soldiers were tortured and murdered during this operation as they were suspected by the Japanese of participating into anti-Japanese movements.

Astonishing screaming and crying of Chinese soldiers have been reported by the visitors. Often at night people can find deep dug pits as that needed for burying dead bodies but the most terrifying is that some beach combers have found headless bodies of Chinese soldiers on the beach at night.

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