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Google My Business Step by Step Guide and its Importance

We all know that Google is a Search engine giant which has about 1.3 billion users. Google created Google My Business which helps every business from small to big to reach and connect with a huge crowd or its users who might be interested in their services or products.

Google My Business Pages help every business owners to increase their visibility in Google organic search, Google maps and Google plus. The android version of Google My Business is already released and the iOS version is coming soon.

How important is Google My Business:

A verified “Google My Business” local listing is very important for local SEO (Search engine optimization) as it helps to increase website traffic and build trust with the users. GMB (Google My Business) is completely free and you can easily enlist your business in GMB by following few steps. If you don’t have much time to complete this listing then you can hire an SEO agency who will do it on behalf of you.

How to Setup GMB:

To create a google my business page you need to follow some simple steps.

  1. Create a Google account, if you already have a Google then use existing Google to list your business.
  2. Type and hit Enter.
  3. Click to sign in. Log in with your Google credential.
  4. Then a form will appear which needs some important information.

GMB Form


  1. Choose business type. Choosing the most relevant type is highly recommended as it makes a huge difference because if you have chosen the “Brand” option, that means you don’t have a local street address but you still can manage it a common “Google Plus Page”.

GMB Type

  1. Fill up the form with real information as it will help to get a major boost to your local SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
  2. After Submitting the form the Google My Business page is done, but it’s not verified, as you have to verify it manually. There are two options are available to verify your page.
  3. Google will make a call to your business phone number that you have submitted in your GMB form earlier, and tell you a verification code which you have to use for verification.
  4. Google will send you a post card that contains a verification code to your local address that you have mentioned in the form as your business address.
  5. After getting the code again go to your GMB page and click to verify, type the code and submit. Your verified business page is ready.

If you have any issue to set it up then, you must contact with a professional SEO company for guidance and help.

Benefits of Google My business:

  1. It is completely free and helps to increase traffic or leads.
  2. Helps your customers to find your business’s physical location.
  3. Better search visibility in organic search results.
  4. Shows useful information about your business, like hours of operation, location, services, phone number and website address.
  5. Track website traffic and audience.
  6. Encourage your customers to write a review for your business and actively respond to those reviews.
  7. You can publicly share images and virtual tours of your practice

Take a few minutes to explore Google My Business, watch at how other businesses in your location are utilizing it. Through Google My Business page you can easily portray your business in front of the word and can earn both, popularity and huge business growth.

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