Get the Home Of Your Dreams from Best Real Estate Developers of Kolkata

This year why not begin your new innings and celebrate by owning your own, brand new home? We all want a home we can call our own, each one of us. So why not start your new year in style and buy your new apartment from some of the best real estate developers in Kolkata?

There are some  top real estate developers in Kolkata who have had extensive experience developing real estate in many spheres like houses, housing ( numerous luxury homes in upscale locations situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city and nestled in the lap of nature) , township ( they have also set up beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods), business parks for the numerous firms in the corporate and IT sector as well as shopping malls and arcades.

This year, some top homes and apartments are being offered for sale by these real estate developers . The homes are located in some really peaceful and tranquil neighborhoods where you will be far away from the chaos and hustle bustle of the city and at the same time enjoy many state of the art amenities that are guaranteed to make your day to day life comfortable.

These apartments are fully air conditioned  , fully furnished, well lighted, sumptuously colored, lavishly yet tastefully decorated. They come with several AvantGardefacilities .such as membership to an exclusive club where you can gain membership and have full access to world class recreational activities some of which we shall describe later on in this essay.

These upscale homes enjoys a distinct location advantage as well. The neighborhood encompasses several well known schools, star hotels, multicuisine restaurants , huge departmental stores, reputed hospitals etc.

The interiors of these apartments are extremely well decorated and strikingly beautiful. One of the key elements of luxury is space – typically luxury flats are very specious . These apartments as well are not lacking and have ample space for various kinds of activity. There exists separate closet spaces , separate areas for study and also library spaces. There is a separate place for private tete a tete, breakfast table etc. The balcony is wide and terrace like balcony which has a swing as well.

There is also a sparkling lake at the  center of the complex in which many fun recreational activities like boating, fishing deck, floating fountains, duck huts, a marina with a viewing deck etc. The lake also has a plethora of beautiful gardens around it such as rock gardens, hibiscus gardens, pet gardens and sacred garden.

Next we come to the club – one of the exclusive and star attractions of this neighborhood, it provides many one of a kind recreational activities such as a 71 seater private theater, separate swimming pools for both adults as well as kids, special arrangements for both indoor games such as billiard, carom, table tennis  etc and outdoor games such as squash, badminton, basketball, football,  cricket, rock climbing walls, etc. There are also many lawns which are decorated with pretty LED lights and are the perfect party places. There is also a party terrace for rooftop parties. There are also banquet halls with inbuilt decks for feasts and banquets . There are separate rooms for a whole variety of hobbies and recreational activities such as hobby, chess, dart, yoga, etc. There are also separate rooms specially made for holding business conferences and there are also separate rooms for tiny tots or toddlers.

The entire apartment is constructed in an eco friendly way so that there is optimum utilization of natural resources. The buildings are created in such a way so that there is optimum ventilation ,rainwater harvesting, recycling of water from the STP for gardening and other purposes.

For a long time, marble has been synonymous with elegance and class, therefore many luxury homes have floors made of marble . These apartments also have floors made of pure white, cream white or grey Italian marble. The floors of the living and dining rooms are highest are made of the purest white marble whereas the floor of the bed rooms are made of high quality Pergo wood.

One of the most exciting things about these apartments is that they are priced very affordable so that they can be affordable to people from all walks of life. The price has been fixed in the GTC ( General Terms & Conditions) and will not increase as it is fixed and non escalable. The people who are opting for an installment wise payment can pay once the construction schedule is completed and they end up paying according to their convenient time.

Other state of the art facilities such as 24x 7,3 level security along with boom barriers for security kiosks, lift access control system, CCTV installed elevators and cars are also available making your security system an ideal one.

There are also ample arrangements for protection from fire attacks. There are LPG detectors in the kitchen and other fire protection and detection arrangements in many areas

If you are looking for a great real estate developer who can provide you with great homes at affordable rates, homes that will be the very epitome of luxury, which will be decorated and will be located in upscale locations then you can consider some of the top real estate developers in Kolkata.