Four Tips on Removing Dog Hair From Your Car

If there’s one thing I always have a problem with when driving my dog to the vet or other places, it’s the fur he keeps shedding. While I’m not allergic (fortunately), I’m sure others need a quick fix and get rid of the unwanted hair! So read on as I show you my top four tips on removing dog hair from your car.

Why Do I Find Dog Hair In My Car?!

I’m sure you’re wondering how your dog ends up shedding a lot of fur in the first place!

Dogs shed more hair than we do since they have more on their bodies, especially long-haired dog breeds. And unfortunately, our car’s upholstery is made out of material that makes your dog’s hair stick easier.

So if you find a lot of hair in your car even after you had it cleaned or just brought your dog somewhere, don’t get mad at him if you find unwanted pet hair all over your vehicle! As long as you know how to clean it properly, you won’t need to worry or get mad. It will also save you money from having it cleaned by a professional.

Four Tips on Removing Dog Hair From Your Car

Here are my top four tips on cleaning your car from dog hair:

1. Using Gripping Materials

You can opt to use Velcro rollers, sellotape, or even lint rollers. Rolling or sticking these around your car seats and car upholstery will remove the hair quickly. It’s effective, though it can be quite a hassle constantly rolling or sticking tape in your vehicle.

2. Electric Attraction

Use a latex glove or inflated balloon for this method. Rub any of these two materials around the surface, so it will attract the hair (just like how it attracts yours!). Dampen the glove or balloon with a bit of water for it to be more efficient. BUT, the problem is that balloons are harder to clean corners.

Rubber brooms, rubber soles, or fabric softeners (with water and fabric softener) will quickly remove fur as well. Simply drag it around the affected areas.

Another option would be using a pet hair attachment with rubber bristles, as it can also give off static electricity that attracts hair.

3. Vacuum for Pet Hair

Personally, this is the best option because using the best vacuum for pet hair will remove all my pet’s fur without the hassle and with more effectivity than doing it manually. All I need to do is to plug the vacuum in and reach all the affected areas of my car, letting it suck in all the fur.

You can also opt to use a heavy duty vacuum from your home or rent one from the car wash.

4. Fabric Softener

The ingredients from fabric softener help loosen hair, making it easier to remove stubborn strands that stick to your vehicle. Mix two tablespoons of fabric softener with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it in your car’s upholstery and wipe it with a paper towel. Once it’s dry, vacuum or brushes any strands away.

Tips to Prevent Dog Hair From Coming Back

Now that you know how to remove pet hair from your car, the next question is: How can you prevent it from happening again? Here are some tips you can follow:

– When you’re planning to let your dog in the car, you can either keep him in a cage or put a blanket over your seats and wherever your dog will be staying.

– Before putting your pet into the car, groom him first. Brush away any loose dog hair that may stick to your vehicle. You can use a shedding brush to ensure that you get everything out.

– If you are keeping your dog at the back of the car, you can opt to invest in gating systems for your vehicle. That way, your dog won’t be jumping to different places in your vehicle, leaving fur everywhere.

– Clean your car every time your dog takes a ride inside. If not, it will be harder to remove once the hair accumulates. You can either use a vacuum for pet hair or lint rollers for this.

In Conclusion

I hope that these five tips on removing dog hair from your car helped you become more knowledgeable about what you can do to get rid of the fur stuck inside easily! So don’t wait any longer and try these tips today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on how to remove dog hair from your car, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.