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Excellent Gift Ideas That You Can Give to Your Sister on This Raksha Bandhan

Rakhshabandhan is a much-awaited festival in India. This festival celebrates the sacred bond between brothers and sisters. The sacred thread that a sister ties on the wrist of her brother are a symbol of the vow that the brother takes to protect his sister. Gifts form an integral part of Raksha Bandhan and every brother wants to gift something special to his sister. The online stores have ensured that not only your sister can Send Rakhi Online to you but you also get access to a wide range of Rakhi gifts for your sister.

These are some of the most suitable rakhi gifts for sisters.

Personalised cushions

Personalised cushions are offered by many online stores. You can either get your sister’s photograph printed on the cushion or some message for her. The cushion is a useful item and personalizing it makes the gift all the more special. Cushions come in various designs and colors so you have no dearth of choice.


Stylish watches make for good rakhi gifts for sisters. Fashionable watches which can match stylish attires are widely preferred by women. In fact, funky watches are important fashion accessories in the modern times. Do not go for bland designs since the watch should be a blend of style and utility.


There is a plethora of trendy sunglasses available in the online stores. Sunglasses not only protect the eyes against the harsh glare of the sun but also makes an important fashion statement. Branded sunglasses by any of the top company is a perfect rakhi gift for your sister.

Makeup kits

Women like to appear beautiful and applying makeup is an important part of dressing up for parties or other events. Therefore, imported makeup kits are popular Online Rakhi gifts for sister. The makeup kits consist of every kind of makeup item such as blush, highlighter, eye-shadow, lipsticks, moisturizers, etc. An imported makeup kit by a top brand is sure to please your sister.

Spiritual gifts

If your sister is spiritually inclined, then spiritual gifts are for her. Idols of gods and goddesses are popular spiritual gifts. They come in various attractive designs and materials. Spiritual wall hangings such as the face of Ma Durga are also highly appealing spiritual gifts.

Engraved plaque

A plaque made of wood or some other material which is engraved with a wonderful message from you along with a symbolic image is also an excellent rakhi gift. Your sister can hang the plaque in her drawing room or bedroom. The engraved plaque acts as a constant reminder of your love for your sister.

Designer saree

Saree is a highly elegant traditional Indian attire which can be worn on any occasion. The online stores have a huge range of designer sarees in different price ranges and weaves. The best part of sarees is that you don’t need to bother about size because sarees are simply draped. Regardless of whether you want cotton saree, silk saree, chiffon saree or some other kind of saree, the online stores stock every kind of saree.

Dinner set

Dinner set is an appropriate rakhi gift for married sisters managing their own households. Dinner set is not only useful for your sister but also enhances the look of her kitchen appreciably.

Book sets

If your sister is of the literary kind and cannot get enough of books, a book set is the perfect rakhi gift for her. Book sets of various genres and authors are available in the online stores. Find out about her favorite author and the kind of books she reads before picking a set. Children’s book sets are also available for kid sisters.

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