Entrepreneurs: Some Quick Tips on Writing for Marketing

When people embark on their entrepreneurship journey, they envision themselves doing everything besides writing. But let’s put it this way; one way or another, they would have to market their products. If content marketing is part of the marketing strategy, then they will inevitably have to write!

We know how difficult it is to write engaging and compelling content to appeal to customers. To that effect, we have compiled some quick tips on writing for marketing that you may find useful.

Know What Your Customer Wants

Have an idea of the persona of your customer



Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to come up with content. This is not a problem that entrepreneurs face alone, but even established writers suffer the same. Some have even given up before they started writing because they were completely blank on what to write about. If you are facing the same problem, how can you overcome this?

Establish what your customer wants

We recommend that you start by determining what your customers want. Every business has their specific target customers whom they intend to appeal to. These customers have tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, and inclinations. If you’ve not thought about what your customers want, then that should be your starting point. To aid you in that, you can create a client persona that embodies everything you think your customer wants.

If you are successful in this, you can never go blank with content. In fact, it will help you in coming up with targeted content that is tailored to your audience; which makes your content marketing effective.

Understand Your Message


Your message should embody what you want to achieve


Once you’ve known your audience, the next task is for you to know and understand the message that you are going to present to them. Understanding your message entails determining what you want to achieve with the message. It could be just to share information, to elaborate on a concept, to explain an idea or to offer inspiration to your readers. Whatever your motive is, it is proper if you understand it first before writing it down. This will help you craft an objective message and will ultimately help you come up with relevant content.

Create a Blog


Blogs ensure a constant stream of content


When you want to maximize your content marketing strategy, a blog can be of great help for your business. Blogs have been endorsed as means by which one can have constant streams of content. Customers and prospects can know where to find you in the online space. In addition, you will have a place to post your write-ups.

So, as an entrepreneur, you may find it useful to create a blog for your business. Once you’ve accomplished that, make an effort to post and publish blog posts regularly. Have a schedule for posting new and informative pieces so as to keep your audience engaged.

Remember that an active blog attracts readers and will ultimately build you a loyal readership.

Observe Brevity

Let’s face one fact; people tend to skim through information these days. No one has the time to read through large blocks of text to find information.

As an entrepreneur, you should face this fact and try as much to observe brevity. Your main aim should be to pass on key messages in your writing as early as possible. This can only be achieved when you write briefly and concisely.

Observing brevity will require you to desist from writing long sentences, using filler words and unnecessary phrases in your writing. Start with the most important information then have the rest come in later. Try as much as you can to write in the manner you speak. You will see that you will write in a concise way.

Avoid Jargon


You won’t appeal to most people with jargon


When writing for marketing purposes, it is advised that you go easy on technical terms and acronyms. We know that every sector has its fair share of jargon and you may want to demonstrate how well versed you are in the technical language. It may show a little pomp in your writing, but this is not what you want to show; at least for people who are outside your field. Moreover, you are writing for the entire web to read. Thus, your language should be plain simple and free of jargon so that you can have a more extensive outreach even to those who may not know the insider language.

If you have to use jargon, at least have the courtesy of explaining it for the sake of those who may not know the meaning. However, if possible avoid it like a plague! To grasp this, you can have a look at an example of a literature review and see how easy to understand your writing should be.

Focus on Quality


Quality sells


One of the hallmarks of quality content is the commitment to provide value to your readers. It has been reiterated in many circles that one should never write just for the sake of it. If you are to engage your readers, then you have to produce quality content.

Always have something new and great that would enhance the experience of the reader. Evaluate the types of content at your reach and select the one that is most engaging. Gather as much knowledge which you will use to craft marvelous articles for your readers ultimately.

Another aspect of quality is bringing a human touch to your writing. Write about your personal experiences as an entrepreneur. Indulge you readers to everything, be it tips, pitfalls, and inspiration. If you feel that you are not up to scale, there is no harm in using the experience of other successful industry players. As long as you make a story out of it, then it is by all means admissible.

Use Images and Visual Information


You can never go wrong with images and graphical information


Images and visual media are able to convey messages practically better than text. They are a perfect tool for entrepreneurs who are trying to engage readers. They are efficient as they capture and hold the attention of readers for more extended periods.

You are likely to leave an imprint on the mind of your readers when you use images, infographics, and videos in your writing. While at it, use high resolution and high definition videos. It will increase the quality of your content and will keep readers glued to it.

Always Proofread and Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors

This may sound so obvious though most entrepreneurs tend to overlook it. It pays to proofread your work and check it for other errors. Never publish work that has not been counterchecked. It will ruin our reputation. Your brand will pay the ultimate price as it will get tarnished. is a great tool for proofreading and checking errors

You can utilize apps that have a spelling check, grammar and style check. There are also a wide variety of proofreading tools that are available online such as

Your normal word processors can also help you check for errors

Most word processors also have the capability to perform these tasks, so there is no excuse for not proofreading your work.

Use Captivating Headlines

The first thing that a reader sees is the headline of your article. If you fail to engage them with the headline, chances are that they won’t read your article. You should learn how to write captivating headlines for content marketing and overall entrepreneurial success.

A captivating headline is one that is short, simple and one which gets the point of the article across. It should also have an element of curiosity. This is what draws the reader to your entire article.

Embrace Social Proof

If you have a product or idea that has worked for people, and there are tangible results to show for it, why hide it from the world? Let everyone know the real impact that your product, idea or initiative has had on real people. Social proof of the implications of your products should form part of your writing.

Part of your readers will be drawn because of social proof. For example, others who were hesitant at first will be hooked once they hear that your product has had massive success and is currently being used by top celebrities!

Utilize Social Media


Social media is the new big thing in marketing


As an entrepreneur, you will be bound to go with the times. With modern day dynamics, social media has taken over the marketing space. Marketers are trying to make their mark on social media. They are hell-bent on making their presence felt especially to their target audience.

Social media can be an excellent platform for you to promote your content. With the advent of social media ads, you can achieve significant outreach for your content across social networks.

There are various social networks which you can join such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Avoid Cliché by all Means


Don’t be so obvious in your writing


A lot of business write-ups today reek of one common thing – cliché! It is common to read things like “We are a solution-focused business or a customer oriented business!” It is obvious that all businesses exist for the sake of customers and to offer solutions. So why repeat such obvious things? The tragedy is that most people have adopted such cliché words to the point that they are now overused.

We suggest that you avoid all forms of cliché in your writing. Instead, use unique words and explore your creativity in coming up with alternative words.


Every entrepreneur should approach writing for marketing with the right mindset. The above quick tips coupled with a positive mindset are surely going to translate into marketing and entrepreneurial success! Best wishes as you embark on your content writing!


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