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Different Varieties of Bathroom Tiles and Their Distinctive Beneficial Features

The bathroom is the place where all the water-related works are done by the residents of a house, including bathing and washing clothes. Hence, most of the interior designers suggest for covering the walls and floor of a bathroom entirely with tiling, to save the structure from damages due to excess humidity prevailing in the bathroom. Since there are different varieties of bathroom tiles available in the market, the house owners need to know about the qualities of all these tiles and choose the ones that will be best for their bathroom tiling.

Types of Bathroom Tiles Generally Used and Their Benefits:

  • Ceramic Tiles – Ceramic or porcelain is the most commonly used material for the tiles used in the bathrooms. These tiles are available in numerous colours and designs, due to the manmade kiln-firing of the clay tiles to create the glazed look of the final ceramic products. The maintenance of the ceramic tiles is the easiest, as the hard and highly glazed surfaces of these tiles are made to be resistant to scratches and all types of permanent stains. This type of tile is the cheapest for the common people and also highly durable for the residential bathrooms.
  • Marble Tiles – Since marble is a naturally obtained stone, it is available in finely polished state for installing in the bathrooms. There are different colours and sizes available in the varieties of marbles, giving a number of choices for the house owners. So the marbled walls and floors look more elegant in the bathroom and this is consider as the high price bathroom tiling. Moreover, the residents need to be careful about these tiles, as marble is more prone to the formation of ugly stains and scratches.
  • Vinyl Tiles – The use of vinyl tiles is a favourite choice in many common houses, as it is highly durable for its natural hardness and may last for many years. Moreover, this type of tile is available at very cheap prices, compared to the other varieties of bathroom tiles. These tiles can be much easily installed all over the bathroom and thus, the installation cost is much lower. But these tiles do not have the apparent glaze and elegance of ceramic or marble tiles.
  • Granite Tiles – The granite is a natural material that is highly preferred for its durability. The house owners can find many colour, shades and textures of these tiles, which make the bathroom look more stylish. However, the granite tiles are quite slippery in nature that may be dangerous for the users and these tiles are quite expensive as well.
  • Terracotta Tiles – The terracotta is the earth-made tiles with the natural reddish colour of the soil, which is highly glazed for making these tiles suitable for installing in the bathrooms. However, the house owner needs to be more protective about the maintenance of these bathroom tiles, by sealing the joints after a regular interval of two years and taking care about the stain formation on these tiles.
  • Linoleum Tiles – The linoleum is a synthetic material that is made of several natural ingredients and it is mainly used for making the tiles. These tiles are very easy to clean as this material can repel all dusts and dirt from the surfaces. The longevity of these tiles is much more than many other materials.

There are also wooden tiles, cork tiles, cement tiles, metal tiles and glass tiles that can be used for covering the wall and floors of many modern bathrooms. You can search online professionals for bathroom tiling services and they will find the perfect tile for you.

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