Difference between SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO vs Digital Marketing – The War is Still on

Most people assume digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to e on the same side of a page. But the reality is that these are two sides of the same coin which overlap each other at some point of time. However, there are some grounds on which SEO and digital marketing process in a similar manner. With right SEO techniques, a website is optimised to improve its position in the SERPs. A comprehensive set of strategies are implemented with best practices of SEO to boost organic rankings and web traffic. To make it clearer, SEO is a subpart of digital marketing. AN SERO expert is often described to be a person who incorporates digital marketing and SEO strategies to achieve business goals.

Significant points of differences between a Digital marketing manager and an SEO Expert

 As already said the two effective online strategies have great similarities and even share similar skills on certain grounds of comparison. An SEO expert holds the expertise, experience and knowledge of optimising a website to increase traffic which ultimately targets improved revenue. Talking about a digital marketing expert, he/she works parallel to the SEO expert in an online marketing campaign to boost an organisation’s overall exposure with help of digital based media.

SEO itself is a tool of digital marketing and the strategies they share involves email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and the most recent mobile marketing. Nevertheless, a digital marketing expert gets some benefits of extra options such as billboards, TV, SMS or radio resources. These overlapping qualities of SEO and digital marketing make it difficult to serve them in two separate dishes. As aforesaid, they remain to be the two sides of a same coin. Drawing a fine line between the two, it can be said that an SEO expert works to increase visits to a site and digital marketing manager strives to improve an organisation’s overall online exposure and visibility to potential customers.

Digital Marketing vs SEO

Evolving Trends of Digital Marketing

The ever-evolving trends in the online space are inclined more towards integration of digital marketing and SEO practices. The advent of new trends represents how the two crucial parameters are incorporated to a great extent. Earlier, experts thought that SEO was sufficient however as social media showed up with substantial expansion, along with mobile phones and tablets in the race, it was marked that SEO strategies were just not enough to reach the larger audiences. To have a strong online presence and reach to your potential users ahead of your competitors, you need to implement both digital marketing and SEO techniques hand in hand. Remember, SEO is not dead and it is here for a long time. In today’s market, you have to go beyond SEO skills and involve digital marketing for a perfect online set up on the SERPs. SEO helps create high quality websites and digital marketing takes you higher as a brand.

Perfect integration of digital marketing and SEO

Undoubtedly, SEO is constantly exposed to changes as search engines keep updating their ranking parameters. An SEO expert is obliged to follow up these trends. The most recent alteration in SEO strategies is its integration with digital marketing. The new term emerged from this transition phase is Search marketing Integration (SMI). As the popular search engines substantially widen their reach and improve the technique to view a website, measure content quality, brand reputation and overall association, it is clear that organic searches is overlapping with certain marketing strategies. This would definitely bring a revolution to a company’s way to approach sales, marketing, PR, branding and every other priority. Successful business growth will demand the incorporation of SEO and digital marketing.

The all new SMI

Several factors are reported to change since last half a decade in the SEO and digital marketing industry that has diminished the fine line which separated the two. Although they are still cast as two different entities having individual goals, both are fusing together as a single, interactive technique. With this change, a significant question is raised by experts that how integration of these two unique aspects can be used together to offer benefits to a company or business firm. It can be a challenging thing to execute as two companies are never identical on every ground. Success is owned only with the best campaign of both search engine optimisation and digital marketing