Declutter Home – 5 Not to do Things While You Declutter Your House

Declutter your home declutter your life

Do you know how you can declutter your home professionally without spending a price for professional assistance? Are you afraid you will land up in greater mess once you start decluttering you home? Well, to your relief this happens with most people and it is quite normal as the responsibility you take is quite daunting indeed. While performing the act of decluttering you need to keep certain things in mind, things you should strictly avoid for better results. In this blog, we have discussed five such points which you should put emphasis on while clearing away the unwanted mess from your house.

  1. Never buy before making space

If you want to transform your house interior with new set of furniture, do not just go to a furniture store and buy stuff which you are not sure would fit well in the empty space in your house. Instead make required space by getting rid of unwanted things first as the beautiful set of sofa or dining table would not entice unless there’s enough space for them to fit in. You would obviously not want things to clutter around your house when you don’t know how and where to use them. So, better organise first and add later.

  1. Do not land up doing everything at a time

You know your capacity of handling a certain amount of work in a day. Schedule things accordingly and decide a specific area to work on while you keep the rest for the other day. Remember not to keep the whole day for the entire house. Decluttering a messed up home in one day is next to impossible, especially when you don’t have professional home decluttering services in Brisbane. Better, start from your living room and proceed towards the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom based on your priorities. Moving on with one area at one time makes it easier for you as well as other members of the family to cope up with the renovation. Additionally, you also get time for other important things from your household chores.

  1. Finish off the task “completely”

Better plan things systematically to make the job easier. Divide the work into categorical tasks such as toss, recycle, donate, arrange, sell out, etc. When you take up one task, make sure you complete it the same day; don’t leave it for long. If you have to donate a bag to a friend, call her up and give it away then and there instead of keeping it for later. Recycle things you want and sell out old stuff right then to make space for the new ones. Don’t pile on stuff for long, make arrangements and drop off at your friend’s or relative’s place when you need to donate things. To make it precise, complete the deal as soon as you can!

  1. It’s never once and forever

You should never forget that decluttering is not a one time job. It is not that once you declutter your home, you are done for lifetime. You need to understand that it is important to keep the good habit regular to keep the place organised. If you take it as a one-time task, it will be complete disappointment to you when you realise the home needs to be decluttered again in a month. So, better plan clearing up the mess every couple of months.

  1. Just ‘good’ is not sufficient

It is high time you understand that when you make some space for something, it should be perfect for the purpose and not just ‘good’. Are you getting the point? When professionals step in your house for re-arrangements or what we call it ‘decluttering’, they enquire what about the useless stuff you want to get away with and then clear out things making room for others. All we want to say is keep re-organising things unless and until you think it’s perfectly done. After all, perfection comes with practice!

Happy Decluttering!