Cool New Game for Girls : Bling Closet Launched A Fashion Game Apps

In today’ world of equality, women are not just going head to head with men; they are advancing ahead of them. Then why they should be kept back in Gaming? The fun of game is enjoyable to everyone. And in today’s evolving gaming world what more cool it can be for girls than a new game to match the fashion, clothes and accessories and set up their lovely closet. Yes, Bling Closet has just done that. It is one of the coolest matching clothes apps to be launched on for iPhone and Android.

Bling Coset Gaming Apps

The game has been launched in market on July 20, 2017 by SparkleBGames in itune and Google Play. The makers of the game has tried to make the functions and interface of it as feminist as possible, so women can totally enjoy the fun and go gaga over it.

  • First of all it has a purple and pink color interface to it which is ideal and lovable to girls.
  • Several sets of clothes, shoes and accessories are there to be matched. These are both fashionable and exciting to watch for women. It gradually creates a lust for this game inside their brain.
  • It’s interesting to get to next level step by step.
  • There is a time setup for every level and puzzle to give a few adrenalin rush, about 4 minutes/level.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this game is that it can almost be played anywhere anytime without giving much of pressure to the eyes and nerves, as like the racing or action games. So people of every age can pass their time by playing this game, whether they are in office breaks, travelling, or just passing leisure time.

Though there are more fashion games apps for iPhone and Android smartphones but this cool new game is a complete package in itself. This game has already generated a buzz among the girls and we are quite sure that it will be a big hit in near future in Female games apps.