Confidential STD Testing is Helping Out A Lot Of People

STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases are becoming more and more common among the people these days due to carelessness and wrong methods of having relationships on bed. A lot of times when people get affected by STDs do not even know that they have been affected by a disease until it’s too late and then the only way is to go to a walk in clinic in London and get themselves checked by doctors and start the treatment.

This is that alarming situation when a person cannot actually wait for long and take an appointment from a doctor so the best way to get treated immediately would be to walk into any of the walk in clinics in London and seek medications and help from the doctors available. 

Here below are 3 most commonly occurring STDs that can actually be cured through proper medications.

3 most commonly occurring STDs

The 3 most commonly occurring STDs are namely Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea that have been explained briefly here below…

  • Syphilis–

This is characterised by ulcers on skin especially on the lips, hands and legs as well that do not pain or itch. They are typical red in colour and are non-cancerous in nature, this spreads from one person to another when they have unprotected sex for a long time. There are 4 stages of this where a person can be treated in the first two stages namely Primary and Secondary stage.

However in the later stages it becomes very tough to treat the patient and he or she has to go through a lot of tests to get treated. Antibiotics help a lot in treating this disease however please visit any of the walk in clinics in London before you take any medications.

  • Chlamydia –

When a person gets affected by Chlamydia he or she does not have an idea about it for 4 to 5 weeks as the initial symptoms of this disease are felt only after some weeks of infection. The person suffering from it has high inflammation and pain during urination and some uncommon discharge from the private parts as well. if you are facing the same problem then you better find out a STD testing walk in clinic London and get your checked on an ASAP basis and consult a doctor as well.

  • Gonorrhoea

This is also a Sexually Transmitted Disease that happens due to unprotected sex with multiple partners or at times after the first time a person has sex. This is pretty painful and is characterised by inflammation in the urinary tract while urination for both males and females and at times rashes on the skin as well as high fever. Antibiotics can easily heal a person thus affected.


So these were the 3 very common STDs that people usually have and now there is nothing to worry a person can just take the help of a walk in clinic in London and get treated after he or she has gone through STD testing walk in clinic London.

Summary –

Thanks to the STD testing walk in clinic London hundreds of people every day are being helped by the expert team of Doctors and medical professionals to get rid of the STDs that can actually ruin their lives.