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Are you planning to change the interior of your house a bit? Is it furniture you want to add into your living area? If so, you would definitely want to make a good investment into a piece that would last forever. Check out some of the tips to select best quality sofas with longer durability.

Choose a nice frame

A strong frame indicates long-lasting sofa. You may easily find soft wood like pine, but it might wobble after like five years or even less. Take it as a long-term investment and go for an expensive wood type like ash or beech, kiln-dried oak, etc for better durability. Do not fall for plastic, particleboard or metal frames, they might crack over time.

Note: To test how stromg your frame is, lift a corner or leg of the sofa from the floor. When you have lifted it six inches from the floor, the other leg should not be on touching the floor, if it does; it’s weak!

Discuss about joinery

A frame connected with joints with double wooden dowels, wooden dowels, metal screws and brackets, and wooden corner blocks is considered to be a solidly constructed piece. It might be supported with nails and staples for additional strength, however do not choose a sofa solely constructed on staples, glue or nails. When you get a cheap sofa online under handsome discount, contact the dealer for joinery details.

Note: Ask the shopkeeper to handover a written manufacturer details with the frame joinery.

Examine the springs

Many sofa sets consist of sinuous, also referred as springs, serpentines – preassembled units built with snaking wire. They are supportive element but have the tendency to sag over time or press the frame it the metal is extremely heavy. When you go for high-end sofas, you will find “eight-way hand-tied springs”. This variety is comfortable but a but expensive. During the purchase, ensure the springs are close together and strong. Sofas without springs are flimsy and uncomfortable.

Note: Sit down at an edge or corner of the selected sofa set, if there’s creaking or squeaking, reject the piece. It suggests the springs aren’t placed right.

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Test the fillings

Polyurethane foam is the kind of easy-care, low cost cushion filling. If you go for the durable, high density kind of filing, it might feel hard and to choose the low-density, softer foam would deteriorate them faster with regular use. You should rely on the high-resilient foam, though expensive but very comfortable and durable. Polyester fiber is another inexpensive cushion filling, but flattens quickly. There are some more like goose-and-duck-feather filling, down-polyfiber blens and yummily plump cushion fillings which you should avoid. All of these have some flaws that would affect the durability of your sofa. Some flatten faster, some are high maintenance and others are subjected to clumping.

Note: You have two best options to choose from – HR foam in a down layer and conventional foam covered with polyester batting. Both are comfortable and affordable, considered as the best sofas to buy.

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Look for tough textiles

Sofas are to be used every day and this demands for a durable fabric. The best kind of fabrics is cotton and linen. However, you have some more options like synthetic microfiber which is stain resistant and mimics almost every fabric. Cotton and linen are stain resistant, but still they are easy to clean or as durable. If you go for a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, they would pill in a year. Leather and wool is a good option but very expensive. Silk would be comfortable but delicate.

Note: Talk to your shopkeeper and get a larger piece of fabric than the normal swatch size. Set it in the area you want to have your sofa. See how it looks in artificial and natural light. Select the one you still like after a week or 10 days.

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