Build Your Own Gaming Computer Vs. Pre-Built PC – Know the True Facts

This is a question that comes up every time an individual looks towards getting a new computer set. Should I buy a pre-set up computer station? Or should I do some research and assemble my own PC?

If the individual is looking towards setting up a gaming PC, this question becomes even more urgent because gaming PCs have more specific requirements than regular PCs. Both of these methods have their pros and cons, and they’re both valid options.

In this article I’ll explore the different facets of these options so you can decide what to do.

Factor #1: Cost

Cost and budget is often the first factor for most people. Which one of these options provides you a better system for a cheaper price. This can be relative. It’s entirely possible that you’re foolish with your assembly and you end up with a bad computer even after shelling out a lot of money.

However, if you’re careful and do your research, assembling a computer is far cheaper than buying one. This is because computer set retailers hike up the price of their computers unreasonably when they advertise it as a “gaming” computer. Individually, the different parts of a computer can be about half the price they are when already set up.


Factor #2: Convenience

It’s obvious that buying a Pre-built computer is far more convenient than assembling your own. A pre-built computer can simply be bought from a store and installed into your room. However, to assemble a computer set you need to do a lot of research and then go about buying different parts from different stores.

Factor #3: Warranties

Pre-assembled PCs offer a warranty of 1 year for the entire set. This means that even if one device, such as the keyboard, gets damaged, the entire set will lose its warranty.

If you assemble the computer on your own, every single piece of hardware will come with its own warranty of 2-3 years. This is a far better option.

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Factor #4: Specialization

When you’re buying a gaming PC, you have very specific requirements. You will need different kinds of computers and computer parts for different types of games, requirements, etc. As such, assembling your own computer offers far more flexibility.

So as you can see, assembling your own computer may not be as convenient as buying one, but it’s far more profitable in all other ways. If you’d like to assemble your own computer, you can go through this Infographic below on All you Need for your PC Games.

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The infographic has been created by Gaming Chair Insider, and it will take you through a brief summary of all the computer parts you need to start assembling your gaming PC.


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