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Most Popular Gaming Chairs in 2018

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Being gamers, we all take care of the standard essentials like graphics cards, gaming PCs, monitors, processors, and other important stuff, but the one thing we always neglect is the gaming chair. All the reports from medical studies that links back problems with consistent hours spend in gaming is evident of the fact that choosing a comfortable and supportive gaming chair is a prerequisite. Luckily, there are plenty of comfortable chairs manufactured everyday all round the world, especially for gamers. DO you know what the best part of these chairs is? You can get one at a price you want without spending tons of money. Just plan your budget and select one from the lot.       

Here we have a guide for buyers who want to purchase a cheap gaming chair for better experience and healthy body.

Popular Gaming Chair within $1000

Surprised? If you are still in the world of your imagination where there doesn’t exist a $1000 gaming chair, it’s time to see the reality. Factually, there are gaming chairs as high as $1000. Wondering what special features they possess to be priced so high? They are particularly engineered with special characteristics best suited to enthusiastic gamers and professionals.

Lifting Rotating Swivel Gaming Chair – US $731.24 US $511.87

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Popular Gaming Chair Below $500

To your relief, let us remind you we have got every range of chairs for you. If it’s not $1000, you can get one within $500 as well. We know not everyone wants to spend more than $500 on a budget gaming chair. They believe there is no meaning if spending a bulk amount like it on a gaming chair.  

However, the hardcore gamers are always excited to find a stylish, comfortable and attractive gaming chair for a better gaming experience. For those gamers reading this guide, we have a list of comparison for chairs within the range of $500. In this range, the most sorted gaming chairs are the DXRacers – the different stylish models by this brand excites every gamer to get one for their gaming room. Its iron model – DXRacer Iron is a badass boy for most and as such in high demand. Nevertheless, there are many other options within this range which you can compare:

Ergonomic Series Executive Gaming Chair – US $274.85

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Popular Gaming Chair Below $200

Now this definitely excites you, isn’t it? As we told you in the beginning, you need not spend all your savings into a gaming chair. Yes, comfort is a prerequisite for gaming, but why spending thousands when you can get in within hundreds!

We are not killing your excitement to buy the above PC gaming chair that you loved. WE are just throwing some light on the more affordable models. For sure, you should compromise your requirements and desires if you have already decided to purchase any of the above models, but there’s nothing wrong in preferring some more options.

What if we say you can get a comfortable, long session gaming chair within $100-$200? The Alera Elusion Chair and EuroStile Office Chair are great options for professional chairs with plain styles, ergonomic design and standard black colour. So, if you want a simple, professional and comfortable chair, these are the best three options for you.

High Back Gaming Chair – US $138.65 US $110.92

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Popular Gaming Chair Below $100

If you want a gaming chair between the range of $50-$100, you are still in the race. There are professional chair in this range ergonomically designed for gamers. Some of the popular models include Homall Ergonomic Chair and Executive Racing Chair.

These chairs are available in different colour shades, so if the style suits your need, go for it. In case you prefer plain style and comfort at the higher priority, Bellezza Ergonomic Chair is a good option. Read on to compare some good models within $100. Here are some cheap PC gaming chairs with their features in brief:

Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair – US $121.32 US $90.99

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Popular Gaming Chair Below $50

Now, no false hopes! We won’t say you will get a high quality professional gaming chair in this range. We won’t because you can’t.

Nevertheless, if you are stuck in a tight budget, these might be your only options. Within this range, if you want a comfortable back, decent style and nice colour, then all-in-one pack could be in the Merax Executive computer chair. A standard black gaming chair is what we would suggest at this price.

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