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Best Fishing Kayak Accessories to Setting up a Fishing Kayak [June 2018]

How about taking your kayak fishing skills to the next level? You may be a novice or a seasoned kayak angler, but there’s always the scope to improve your skills and enjoy a better time out on water.

How to Setting up a Fishing Kayak?

Now, here’s a crux. Most people look out for the best cheap fishing kayak to enjoy a great time out on water. Yes, a kayak is a pre-requisite element to make your fishing successful yet, it’s not the only thing you need. What about the kayak fishing accessories that are no less important than fishing kayak to enrich your experiences on water? So, in the following paragraphs, we’ll go through a set of accessories that you just need to make your fishing experience safer and ofcourse more colorful.

PFD: In plain and simple words, it’s a life jacket for the angler. Of course, it’s meant to contribute to your safety quotient out on water. Apart from that, it provides you with additional storage options. The latest range of PFDs comes with surplus pockets, so that you can easily hold tackle, pliers and other fishing accessories in them. This added advantage certainly adds up to your convenience while fishing.

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Fishing paddles: Apart from searching for the best inexpensive kayak¬†for fishing, you should also look out for the right fishing paddles to enjoy your day in water. The fishing specific paddles usually are weighty objects and are the main culprit that bring you fatigue after spending a great day on water. The good news is that these days, much lighter weight objects as compared to the traditional ones are available in the market. This new range of fishing paddles will ensure you won’t feel exhausted even after spending a whole day on water. Spending your hard-earned money on this range of fishing accessories is definitely a smart investment.

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Anchor system: The entire anchor system for any fishing kayak consists of both the anchor and the trolley. This combination not only makes the anchoring fast but also more convenient for you. Thus, you can maximize your overall fishing time by investing in a good anchor system. Furthermore, you can use the trolley to take the best position with respect to your casting ring.

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Tackle crate: Hope you won’t mind if we’ve a little quiz here. Can you name one of the most important aspects of kayak fishing? It is keeping your rods and tackle not only organized but also easily accessible. A crate will place all your gears right behind your seat and will also prevent them from sliding around the kayak deck. Even if you can’t fish like a pro, at least act like one and just don’t go scrambling around the kayak deck while looking for any particular piece of gear.

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Fish finder: Using a fish finder is a great idea. It will also give you an idea of the land beneath you and gradually, you’ll learn where and when fishes school up. This piece of fishing accessory will definitely provide you with lots of benefits in course of time as you keep returning to a particular water body time and again.

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Rod holder: There’s a wide variety of rod holders available in the market, each having different set of features. Without this accessory, you won’t be able to secure your precious fishing gear while working on the paddle. A rod holder also keeps your fishing gear within your hands reach so that you can make use of it at any opportune moment. Apart from looking for the cheapest fishing kayaks, you should also look out for a good-quality rod holder to make your fishing experience all the more colorful.

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Fishing grip and landing net: You never know when you may lose a big catch just by the whisker. Better arm yourself with a landing net to secure that added reach. Else, you may even buy a pair of grips along with that new PB to keep your story going.

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Top 5 landing net:

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Measuring device: It is an equally helpful device for both the newbie and the pros. It accurately tells you the size of your catch. A measuring device is also the right tool if you want to broadcast your fishing experiences to your audience.

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Dry bags: Life without electronic gadgets is almost unthinkable today. So, a dry bag proves handy to carry your personal electronic gadgets on your fishing expeditions. While you’re on water, you can stay connected to your friends and family by carrying your phone, tablet and can also carry your camera in a dry bag.

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Kayak cart: Consider a scenario where you’ve already placed all your gear on the kayak and now just about to hit the water. But, the water is nearly 50 yards away. So, you need a kayak cart to avoid damaging the kayak bottom.

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Apart from searching for one of the best fishing kayaks under $1,000, you should also include these accessories in your list to make your experiences even more colorful.

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