Best Chinese restaurants in Bangkok

There are days when you crave for some delicate Thai foods, even when visiting their capital Bangkok. The taste of Thai flavor is so lucrative that no matter where you are, you want to fancy those Asian spiced dishes at least once a week. But there can be some days when you want to try a blend of some other Asian cuisine other than Thai; and when visiting the cultural hub of Far East Asia, you might develop a curiosity about the best Chinese restaurants in Bangkok.

Although Bangkok is a separate cultural and traditional entity, it still has multiple Chinese restaurants. You can easily found street food joint that serves cheap Chinese food, to big-time restaurants.

Even Thai people have a sweet tongue for Chinese food, which is developed over the past centuries. Many Chinese people live in Thailand in large Chinatowns, which is the main reason for the popularity of Chinese eating places.

So here is a list of best Chinese restaurants in Bangkok. Do try to eat at some of them when you are on a Thai vacation. But before we proceed with the list, we would like to share an important traveling tip so you can save on your traveling. Always book cheap flights to Bangkok from London or anywhere else. There are multiple flight aggregators and travel agencies at your service, where you can find the cheapest flights to Bangkok or any other city in the world.

The China House

Located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, you can enjoy some great Chinese dining in a stunning venue. It is perhaps the most decent choice for lunch or dinner in Bangkok. This place is styled in the most sophisticated manner. And the dishes are all taken with a fashionable kink.

Bain Yun Restaurant

Situated on the towering 59th floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel, Bai Yun is a fashionable, refined restaurant and a great place for you to dine. It is famous for its glorious panoramic views. Their food is also one of the best in Thailand. Delicate Cantonese cooking is advanced with modern expert touches. Enjoy dishes like Jellyfish salad with sesame oil, roasted black cod, ginkgo nuts and much more.

Hong Bao

This eating place has the best dim sum in the city of Angels. Hong Bao restaurant has a Cantonese styled theme and attends you in a sophisticated setting. Everything that is served here is cooked to perfection. It is also available all day and provides a great selection of rice rolls, shrimps, cream lava buns and juicy pork buns.

Din Tai Fung

Located in Centralworld mall, Din Tai Fung offers the best to please all its visitors. You can enjoy a juicy steamed pork along with other delicate food. They have over 40 years of restaurant and cooking experience, so they are the best in Bangkok with a graceful fashionable menu.

Hua Seng Hong

A perfect place for no frills but high traditional Chinese delicacy, Hua Seng Hong is a popular choice for foreigners in Bangkok as well as local Thai people. You can choose between countless dishes and desserts. Their seafood is a specialty, so it is a must try.

Ah Yat Abalone Forum

Located on the second floor of Arnoma Grand Hotel, This famous Chinese dining place offers finest Chinese seafood in the city of Angels. Some even consider it to be the best seafood house in the world. As suggested in the name, you can get a choice of stewed abalone, which is a popular dish amongst Chinese people.

Pagoda Chinese Restaurant

A highly rated Chinese restaurant, Pagoda is great for kids as they offer meals that are perfect for kids. You can also enjoy a delicate dining there, as they offer amazing dishes to everyone.

China Table

As the name suggests, this highly rated Chinese Restaurant is a must visit. It provides a casual atmosphere and is a perfect choice when traveling with kids.

Fei Ya

A cozy place for everyone, you can enjoy amazing time and great food there. When you are on a trip to Bangkok with family, we suggest you dine at Fei Ya, as it is casual and inexpensive. Plus Chinese food is awesome.