Benefits of International School Education in India

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it”

Introduction – An international school promotes international education by adopting a curriculum such as IB (International Baccalaureate), Edexcel, CIE (Cambridge international examination). These schools can also follow a national curriculum different from that of the school’s residence country. Globalization has created a market for international education.

Here are some features of International school – Multinational and multilingual student body, an international curriculum, transient and multinational teachers, non-selective student enrolment, usually the language of instruction is either English or French but additionally the student can take on at least one additional language.

Faculty of international schools is certified by the country’s standards. Let us discuss some of the benefits of International school education in India –

  • International Curriculum – Almost all the international schools have IB i.e. International baccalaureate programme. As it is an internationally accepted programme, so the students can get the entry in various colleges around the globe. At an international school of education, all the students receive the education in its finest form. As learning is a lifelong process, so the students are motivated to challenge their hidden potential.

These schools make the education a holistic experience that helps in complete growth of body, mind and spirit. The new technology which is computer based is implemented in all the functions of the school. 

  • Different Cuisine – Since in the international school, students from the different nationalities come hand in hand, so the school makes different cuisine like Chinese, Italian, and Thai to satisfy the taste buds of the children. Not only the food is good in taste but it has all the nutritional benefits which are required for the healthy growth of kids.
  • Exposure to global culture – As the international schools welcome students as well as teachers across the globe, so the students are exposed to different cultures and lifestyle. They learn the facts of unity in diversity. In fact, these international schools build an ideal platform for kids to face the future challenges of life.
  • Trips and Excursions – Trips and excursions are joyful means of learning. There are many benefits of going on trips as children often enjoy and get thrilled on finding the new independence and can learn many interesting and diverse topics in a fun-filled and playful manner, under the able guidance of experienced teachers.

Tips for the places without modern amenities can be challenging but the kids are guided to adjust and cope with the different environments. Thus, the children gain confidence, start taking quick decisions, become more independent which ultimately helps them in gaining self-esteem.

  • Medical Facilities – The international schools generally have a great medical facility with a full-fledged team of doctors available round the clock within the campus only. Stretchers, Wheel chairs, and other necessary equipment are also available in the campus. In case of any emergency, ambulance facility is there to help.
  • Counselling – In today’s stressful life-style, the one thing which is important for kids is counselling. The international schools in India have special counsellors to deal with various conflicts of children whether it is between students or in the minds of the students.

Conclusion – Education is the most precious gift that the parents can give to their children and so the parents should choose their child’s school very wisely in order to ensure that today’s children can become tomorrow’s true leaders.

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