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Beneficial Insects For The Garden

Having a garden with healthy plants and without pests is an objective that all gardener. However, to achieve this, it is essential to maintain a balance between pests and diseases and their enemies. Such as some insects and bugs that we will talk about today.

If you create a garden with the right conditions for the natural enemies of pests to inhabit, you will avoid the appearance of the latter. First of all, it is important that you have plants with flowers and aromatic herbs that produce a lot of pollen to attract these beneficial bugs.

Violet Tawny Owl

It is a black beetle with a violet outline that length up to 3 cm in length. It feeds on carrion, mollusks and insects that live on the ground, including the larvae of the grape weevil.


The ladybugs are insects of not more than 10 mm that have all the red body with black points and antennas. In addition to providing a touch of extra beauty to the garden and the urban vegetable garden, they keep aphids at bay, proliferating depending on the amount of aphids that threaten the integrity of the garden plants or the orchard. Ladybugs are killers of aphids, lice and mites, among other insects.


Killer par excellence, the centipede feeds on insects harmful to our plants. Precise wet floors and stones to hide.


They place their eggs in the larvae of white flies so that at birth they feed on them. Put bottles in your garden so that the lacewing has a place to spend the winter after spending all summer and spring taking the nectar from the flowers of your plants.

Garden spider

The spider of the garden helps us, like the centipede, to eliminate with all the insects that haunt our plants and are, of course, harmful to them. Thanks to the garden spider, they maintain a balanced ecosystem.


The wasp feeds on larvae of insects harmful to plants, controlling this way the development of pests. Create in your garden some ponds with flowers and fragrant herbs that allow the wasps to find the right conditions to live.

Praying Mantis

The mantis is the number one hunter. Its legs, long and sharp, act as blades that, moving at great speed, end up with all kinds of insects, including crickets, moths, flies and ants. Nothing more than to say that the female eats the male to finish the copulation and to be able to feed his coming offspring. It feeds on all kinds of insects, so you must have controlled its population; it also eats insects and bugs beneficial to plants.

The best of all is the relative ease with which you can attract the mantles to the garden: stacking stones and maintaining an environmental temperature of between 20 and 30 degrees.

Some other truly beneficial insect:

The Bees. Having bees in the garden or in the garden is synonymous with life, so it draws your attention in any way. A good way is to place sunflowers, an irresistible plant for bees because of their size and color.

The bees. They do not enjoy such fame, but they are equally beneficial in the garden and orchard. In your case, we are not talking about pollen transport, but about pest control. Its power to fight them resides in the diet of the shoots of the wasps, based on larvae of all kinds of insects, although the young of the wasps have a predilection for the larvae of the butterflies of the cabbage and those of the caterpillars.

 The Earwig. Although its appearance is less attractive than that of the ladybug, they are a perfect resource to combat the action of woodlice and aphids. The earwig devour them literally, using their powerful claws to kill these insects. Of course, you have to control the process very closely, since, once the plague has disappeared, the ladybug can end up becoming a problem for other beneficial insects and even for the plants themselves.

The Green lacewings. Because of their ability to reproduce, they are also considered a double-edged sword to fight pests, but they are highly effective against a good list of insects: worms, lice, beetles, ticks, flies … The lacewings are especially lethal, placing their eggs in the larvae of the insects that, once developed, will end up being devoured by the young from the inside.

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