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Artificial Intelligence to Replace Human Intelligence?

– The Other Side of the Story

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a much argued topic today and the reason behind it is clear – will it surpass human intelligence ever? To cut it down in words, in my belief and understanding this vision is no less than a milestone to achieve in the foreseeable future. However, the threat is quite real! AI has taken an important place in human lives as the technology can almost do every other thing we (humans) can. Undoubtedly, it is getting smarter and brainier but how did it come this long? No offence, but it is surprising that a creation can turn as a threat to the creator itself. Yes, this is what the present generation is going through, isn’t it? Artificial Intelligence (computer and modern machines) was introduced in human lives to solve technical complexities that were beyond human reach. However, some signs show the world will soon turn topsy-turvy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A lot has been anticipated

In the last one year or two, much has been talked about AI replacing human intelligence in the future. There have been several reports claiming a large portion of human workforce will be taken over by machines in coming years. In-depth research and development in the AI field has brought an alarming prediction of job crisis for humans. Machines can potentially play the roles of humans doing majority of jobs more efficiently by 2020.

My understanding comes up with a contrary opinion though. No offense to the big names like Stephen Hawkings and advanced science fiction movies by legends like Morgan Freeman who have shown us a mirror to the end of humankind in the future foreseen. But, it is next to impossible for machines to surpass human intelligence by all means. Do you think it’s ever possible for “man-made” machines to replace every human resource? Are humans going to suffer for employment in the upcoming years where all you see around are artificial machines (robots) performing tasks? I don’t agree upon this. My opinion on this matter says a machine will definitely fail to replace humans in many situations.

The concealed reality

A machine can’t surpass human intelligence when it comes to human inputs. True it is that AI or modern machines upgraded to latest technology can perform certain daily tasks like initiating communication, managing daily household works, online business (digitalisation), etc. Still, machines can’t compete with human brain when it comes to emotions and IQ. Reports claim that by 2020 intelligent machines will replace almost 5million jobs or more. I partially agree with this seeing the present sci-fi scenario round the globe, but believe me replacing “us” completely is not how it is going to be. I am quite confident when I say there are certain jobs which machines could never take over without human acumen. 

The concealed reality

Consider this as an example, “Are you always satisfied with the machine assistance on the customer service line?” No, you only get your queries solved when you talk to the human personal at the other end. This depicts that unless and until more advanced machines are developed which can think, engage, interact, and observe same as a human mind, it is not going to be a “no human involvement and only machines do the talking” world.

As I have already said, I agree on the intelligent machine developments which boost efficiency of humans while performing certain tasks. With no second opinion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made our lives simpler and smoother in various terms. Machines can take down the load from your shoulder when it is about performing regular tasks, be it mere dish washing or making important payments over your smartphones, which is again an artificial device. I hope you now see the importance of AI and human intelligence “together” as no single element can be proven genius without the other.

Is there a halfway solution?

We need machines but we don’t need a “replacement” against those. If you even turn up to believe the dire predictions being made about AI replacing humans, this will take a long time, at least no sooner in the foreseeable future. So, why not find a solution to the problem instead of getting horrified of the prophecy? We shouldn’t forget it was a human brain that invented these machines, be it the telephone, aeroplane, or the computer. The master is always greater than its descendants. Our IT technicians and scientists have the potential to unwind the threats in our minds and show us an optimistic world where intelligent machines and humans amalgamate to create new inventions.

Is there a halfway solution

It won’t be unsafe to say that in the coming years, robots will not replace human resources and surpass human intelligence. Despite the contrasting arguments of big IT names Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musk, I would stick to my belief of evolving new human skills with artificial machines and not worrying about eradication of human intelligence. And if you are still bewildered by the arguments brought up by the two (Mark and Elon), let me tell you those are just defending statements to support their own brands. So, let us look forward to a new world of machines and humans rather than living in the threat of “total replacement”.

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