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Aromatherapy Top 5 Essential Oils You must Use

In the present world scenario, psychological and physical health is getting highly affected. Aromatherapy is a boon coming straight away from plants. It is a practice which involves use of volatile plant oils and essential oils to have proper control over your physical and psychological health. Essential oils have both these benefits (psychological and physical), if used in the correct manner. There are varieties of essential oils out of which, absolutes, hydrosols and Co2s are utilised in aromatherapy. In this article, I have shared some quality information about the 5 most important aromatherapy oils you must have at home.

  1. Lavender oil: Lavender oil contains a fresh, floral and delicious smell that spreads a sweet ad herby aroma. Personally speaking, it is something very intoxicating for me. It is not just about its amazing fragrance, but also high versatility among all essential oils. Its therapeutic use gives a soothing effect which is helpful for patients of anxiety and depression. Coming to its medicinal use, it acts as an antiseptic by relieving pain in joints, soothes insect bites, minor burns and stings. It can also be used as a perfume during yoga while practicing savasana.
  2. Eucalyptus oil: It has a clean and freshening fragrance that would surely open your airways. It is a one-in-all essential oil. That is to say, it works for almost everything. Eucalyptus oil is a natural antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Now that’s amazing! It is best medicine for coughs, cold, asthma and congestion. Additionally, it can be used to heal wounds, mental exhaustion, muscle pain, skin care and dental care. A few drops in your hot water bath and all your nasal passages are clear as before.Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oils
  3. Lemon oil: Lemon oil can do wonders in helping you get rid of negative vibes and improve mental awareness and power of concentration. It is another antifungal and antiseptic solution for fixing scrapes, open wounds and cuts. Feeling low and less inspired to do a work? Just rub few drops on your throat and chest while you start working and you’ll do it no time!
  4. Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil consists of a soothing and at the same time stimulating aroma. It is mostly referred “mother nature’s icy hot” for its menthol content. It is a great stuff indeed. Beyond its effectiveness in increasing mental sharpness, there is a long list of wonders it can do for your physical health. You can use it to get away with congestion, digestive problems, migraines, headaches and restore achy muscles. I use it for my killing migraines by applying a little on the temples and eyebrows and sore muscles. You can use it with carrier oil such as grape seed oil and rub on sore areas.
  5. Tea tree oil: Being a popular alternative medicine, tea tree oil can be an awesome friend! Along with its great astringent properties for controlling oily secretions on your face and scalp, it also heals minor wounds without irritation. A few drops in your shampoo before hair wash and you have a clean scalp!

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These are absolutely poor and therapeutic grade essential oils which you can also use in dilution with carrier oils or water based on your usage. It is a complete care for your psychological and physical health at affordable rate like nowhere.

Time to have a life full of positive aroma freshness and good health!

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