All You Need To Know About Renting a Self-Storage Unit

There are many reasons to rent a storage unit – you are moving to a new place or you just don’t have enough space at your current. If you are planning to self – store your belongings there are certain things that will help you get the most of the service and will save you some money.

The Rental Fees

It doesn’t come as a surprise that price comes first. It plays a huge role in your final decision. That is why you should focus on the research. Your rental fee is determined by the size of the space and the time for which you will use it. Any special requirements will add further value. You can rent storage space on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. In most of the cases, you will be required to pay a deposit that can be restored after removing your items. However, every business has different terms and you need to be fully familiar with them.
Pay extra attention to the conditions on which you can terminate the contract. Some of the self – storage facilities demand advance notice. If you want to end your contract earlier you might need to pay a certain sum as a penalty or you will not be able to restore your deposit. Check under what conditions the rental facility can cancel your contract, what are the further procedures and how your stuff will be handled in such an event. Non – payment or late payment is enough reasons to evict you.

The Contracts

Follow the well-known rule “read before you sign.” In this way, you will avoid the surprises. A typical contract will include the fees and the standard rules. It should list the cost of the unit, the employee’s labor, any specific equipment and transportation as well the insurance requirements, termination and eviction policies.

Special Storage

If you have any expensive or vintage items that require more specific conditions, you can take advantage of the different services that many storage facilities like self storage Richmond offer. Some items need dry environment or one with a constant temperature. You can customize your storage unit. The rental company can even offer you a specific equipment to transport your items. You can either get them in a package or purchase them separately. In general, the second scenario provides you with more flexibility, but the first will cost you less.

Storage Insurance and Security

In theory, your things should be safe in the storage. In reality, everything happens and it’s better to have everything covered. There are several insurance options. Keep in mind that your storage facility is not obliged to ensure your possessions and will not hold any responsibility in case of an accident. However, they may offer you insurance at an additional cost. The most basic option will cover only a fraction of your possessions’ value. Before putting your items into the storage make a little inventory. In this way, you can easily spot any damages during a quick inspection.
The most basic thing you can do to secure your belongings is to get a good quality lock. Surveillance and guards are the best alternatives.

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