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A New Matching Game for Fashionable Girls launched as iTunes

A closet is kind of a cabinet used for hanging and storing clothes. Everyone loves to have a beautifully arranged closet with matching colored clothes and accessories. And there comes a new cool girl’s closet game named as “Bling Closet” from and is available in the Apple store.

Bling Closet features are as follows:

  • Different levels you will get to play
  • Match clothes, coat, frock, sleepers , bags etc
  • You will get many moves to play the game.
  • Time limit is there to make the game more exciting.
  • Win coins after completing a level
  • Win Bonus points

Why will you play Bling Closet?

In your daily life you are busy enough, so you cannot spend much time for your own entertainment. This is a game you can play at anytime anywhere in your free time. Anybody can play this game without age limit. There are different levels where you have to match the dresses. 4 minutes will be given to you to complete each level in the free version. Here you will get 8-12 moves in each level, one move for one turn. The Appeal of Matching fashion games in apple store are growing day by day all over the world. And some of the new entrants includes Bling Closet which is becoming very popular. It is very easy and simple game to play with good features.

Bling ClosetThere are many Fashion games apps for iPhone like Dress Up-Cover Girls, Top Girl, Anna’s Closet etc. Bling Closet is one of them. It is a stylish matching iPhone and android game for girls. If you are addicted to fashion related matching games then you can try this game once.

This is a Matching fashion game for girls in which you can match dresses, shoes etc. and you can download this game from the apple store or google play store, anytime. The free game has 10 levels, each level you will get min 8 turns to complete the game. After completing you will get points in it. The game has a purple color interface with a closet picture on it.This look really nice and girly! On completion of each level you can also get bonus points if your performance is good. The 3 columns bonus icons are in sequence of:

  1. Ladies handbag
  2. Table clock
  3. Star smiley icons.

You can accumulate at most 6 bonus gifts from the pop up screen, as per your choice.A melodious music is there in the background of the game all throughout. The music is quite soothing that helps you keep engaged on the game. All together this is a user-friendly game. You can give it a try and I am sure you will love to play!

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