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A Concise Discussion on Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin problem, which can affect anyone at any age. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, female or male. You can just have an acne attack at any point of life. This problem is more likely to surface when you’re in your teens. Yet, the problem is known to arise in people, who’re past their teen and are well into their middle ages.

If you too are facing the acne problem at later stages of life, there’s nothing to worry. There’re effective acne treatments to cure the problem. Even a number of global celebrities have suffered from adult acne and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it.

Acne treatment

There’re different types of acne. It is important to diagnose the type of acne you’re suffering from. Then, suitable treatment is prescribed based on that. In order to treat acne problems, you should go to a reliable practice with experienced doctors. Clinica Fiore, located at Endell Street in London, is a reputed practice to handle such cases.

The treatment and skin type

Knowing your skin type is important to select the correct treatment alternative for you. This assessment is usually done during the initial consultation. People with dark skin, who want to take the laser treatment, have to undergo a patch test before. If you’re suffering from certain health conditions or been taking certain medication, you may be unsuitable for the treatment. All these factors are clarified during the initial consultation and depending on your condition, a foolproof treatment plan is prepared.

Different treatment alternatives

As mentioned above, a wide range of treatments is available for acne. Laser treatment is perhaps one of the most popular. It uses SmartPulse laser light on your skin to annihilate the bacteria responsible for the problem. Then, the procedure uses natural repair mechanism of the skin to provide cure.

Obagi treatment, chemical peels are the other well-known alternatives to cure this skin problem.

Acne and permanent cure

Acne can be treated to bring under control. But, there’s no permanent cure to it. You have to keep taking the necessary precautions to ensure the problem doesn’t return. However, it doesn’t mean you’ve to stick to the same treatment you started with. Your problem is more likely to become less severe after the first few treatments and then, a different treatment approach may be more suitable for you.

Pain associated with its treatments

Perception of pain varies from patient to patient. Some patients have described the laser treatment as tingling sensation on the skin, while others have mentioned it to invoke a warm feeling. But on the whole, the treatment is painless, as very low-intensity laser is applied to the patients. A chemical peel too provides a similar mixed feeling of warmth and tingling sensation on the skin.

Some patients experience breakout of acne right after a treatment session. Experts at Clinica Fiore assure, it doesn’t mean the treatment has failed. Rather, it shows the skin is getting rid of the debris that clogged the pores. Unfortunately, this breakout makes your skin look bad. But with more treatments, the breakout will gradually be lesser.

It is strongly recommended that you continue undergoing the treatment and don’t stop it halfway.

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