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Which is Better – Wall Oven or Free Standing Oven?

When choosing a stove in earlier times in Auckland, the process was so simple – pick a freestanding upright oven and its done. If required on gas, our parents got a gas cooker or else kept it electric. However, things have changed in the modern times; there are several categories of ovens in the market. For upgraded ovens, a clock timer is set or it is even made fully digital.

Like our tastes in food and clothing change over time and seasons, the choice in ovens also alter time to time. Are you planning to have a new oven for your apartment but confused what to choose – a free standing stove or a wall oven?

Well, this is a common confusion people fall with the varieties of stoves and ovens introduced in the market. To do so, you should consider the range of features of these ovens such as – fish burners, wok burners, multiple ovens, BBQ grills, self cleaning, teepanyaki plates, deep fryers, spit roasting and even dual fuel systems. Even more confused? Don’t you worry; we have sorted things for you describing the pros and cons of both the popular varieties of ovens in this blog. Keep reading.

Wall Ovens – Pros and Cons


  • Can be installed at a custom height as per your convenience and usability
  • Wall ovens in Auckland offer more flexibility for the kitchen layout as compared to the free standing ovens. Consider this: the oven doesn’t need to set under the cooktop, it can be fixed even to an island bench.
  • These ovens provide a streamlined appearance that you won’t find anywhere in a freestanding stove or oven.
  • You get the facility of a combination of electric and gas with these ovens. This means you can have a gas cooktop along with an electric oven.


The built-in wall ovens are usually more costly both as a product and installation

On removing a wall oven, the cabinet can probably face the impact.

Free standing ovens – Pros and Cons


  • The free standing stoves and ovens in Auckland come at a much lesser price and the installation costs are also low.
  • They are easier to install because there’s no need to get in the fuss of fitting it to the cabinetry.


  • Not all the models of free standing ovens offer the blend of electric and gas cooktop or ovens.
  • Appearance of your freestanding oven won’t be streamlined as in case of an built-in oven.

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