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9 Basics of Creating Successful Websites

Launching a great website is neither magic nor an overnight task. Rather, if you involve proper planning and strategy, building a great website will never be difficult.    Now you must be wondering what this proper planning and strategy is all about. Read on to know more about it and build your business-making website right from the scratches.

  • Concentrate on your site’s brand strategy: Building a website and promoting it are the tasks that almost anyone can handle. Instead of concentrating on these aspects, you should concentrate on fitting your website properly into your media branding strategy. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a great website but it’ll not generate business. There’re several options for you, in this aspect, to choose from. Your website may work:
  1. Like an extension to your traditional media channel
  2. Independently on its own
  3. As a revenue generator
  4. As a tool to improve your brand identity, without concerning about your revenue potential
  • Avoid mistakes related to media design: A successful website depends on excellent colour combinations and eaily readable fonts than anything else. Visitors, who’re visiting you online for the first time, shouldn’t get mowed down by ads so that, it becomes difficult for them to trace your content. You also need to update your content from time to time, else you’ll lose a chunk of visitors for ever.
  • Boost your online traffic: Even the most well-designed and attractive website is meaningless if it doesn’t get visitors. Though it takes time for any website to drive a thick stream of visitors consistently, but you should concentrate on high-quality content and long-term strategies to bring large number of visitors to it.
  • Your site should better be sticky: Just bringing visitors to your site won’t win you the series. At the most, it’ll help you win a match. It is equally crucial to retain visitors on your website. This is where high-quality content plays its role in motivating users to click deeper in the site. In this context it is important to mention, the reputed SEO company in London, DubSEO, offers well-designed websites that smartly cater to unique requirements of businesses. To maximise clicks and build a loyal stream of visitors, make your site sticky.
  • Implement customised SEO strategies: The virtual world of web is literally flooded with zillions of websites. You can’t imagine the fierce competition that exists today among websites in securing clicks. To make way in the first-page of any major search engine, your website needs comprehensive SEO strategies. Content – however captivating it may be – doesn’t get read online if it’s not properly optimised. In order to include top-quality content to your site, your writers have to possess sound knowledge about the basics of search engine optimisation.
  • Generate revenue without driving away visitors: Do not scare away visitiors by bombarding your site with ads. Rather, rack your brain to find out newer options to boost the revenue that your website generates. Remember, patience is a crucial tool to achieve success in this field.
  • Earn the trust of your advertisers through action: There are innumerable things you can do in this context. Offer ad space on your site and quote a price for it. Let the advertisers reach there and offer you good bargains. However, this goal is quite challenging to achieve in the present scenario, even for the most successful websites, considering the thick competition. Expose your potential advertisers to the benefits of online ads and also tell them, how placing ads on your site can help them grow their business.
  • Work on a concrete social media strategy: Social media is your best bet to drive traffic to your site. Social networking is a great tool to get visitors for websites. You can use Twitter to drive visitors, while Facebook can help you build awareness about your site among the target audience.
  • Quantify your traffic: There’re various helpful web analytics tools to track the habits of visitors coming to your site. Monitor these patterns to get a clear and meaningful picture of things occurring on your site. Give your visitors what they want and they’ll keep coming back to you. If there’re certain areas in your site that are ignored by visitors, then you may consider changing the content at those pages.

Follow these tips and reap your expected dividends easily.

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