7 Pros Of Livestreaming

Livestreaming is the new way companies use to communicate with their audience. Thanks to new technologies livestreaming in social media platforms that are used every day by customers are now possible. By posting livestreaming on social platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, is more likely to catch customer’s attention, even more, if the target is millennials, or new generation customers.

Livestreaming consists of posting videos with a commercial intention, which had been recorded and posted at the same time. Big companies consider it as a basic tool for a perfect online communication, but it is not reserved just for these companies, small brands can take advantage of this as well.


The main characteristic of this technique is the spontaneity of the emission. Customers perceive lifestreaming videos as informal and natural; therefore they are more likely to be trusted. The livestreaming activities more successful are the ones that do not sound as a commercial but as a person giving him or her opinion on a product or service.


This technique is used to create content that could just be watched in real time and available for a short period of time. Companies create this exclusive content, to create a big expectation on the product or service.


As we said before, small companies, when communicating with their target, also used the livestreaming technique. As it does not require a big money invest. Companies with a small budget can implement this technique on their communication plan for a small price. Livestreaming on social media or different platforms increase the audience considerably, making it a profitable activity.


Thanks to livestreaming, companies are more likely to get the audience from any part of the world. If an event is happening on one part of the planet, the other part could see and hear it in real time. Is a technique used for internal communication purposes also. Companies use livestreaming to train their employees in different places at the same time and with an only message.

Communication 2.0

The platforms used to do lifestreaming videos, also allow the audience to share in real time their comments or suggestions. Customers perceive the company real on social media if comments are taken into consideration on a live broadcast.

Better social media position

The more content we create, the better position on social media we achieve. If the content has a lot of traffic, our social media account would be bettered positioned and more likely to be seen by our target.

Instant communication

The audience instantly perceives the message emitted in a lifestreaming video. It is also easier to measure the impact of the campaign posted on the platforms, as everyone has access to the number of people that were actually watching the video at the moment of the broadcast.

In conclusion, no matter the size of your company digital marketing is always an affordable technique to communicate with customers. Being at the forefront of new technologies can also be helpful to become the number one on social media platforms. Asking advice from professionals such as a PPC agency will not hurt you.

The article has been written by Abril, a copywriter for Gloc Media, a digital marketing agency in London.

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