5 Strategies to Create Mobile Presence of Your Website with Google Ads

Nowadays, people prefer conducting online search with mobile phones than using their laptops or computers. This has made a good percentage of searches on Google for the advertisers and most of the traffic comes from people using mobiles. However, customers do not only use phones for finding your website and thus, mobile advertisements are other ways to drive calls, download apps, visit mobile sites and much more. Experts of a reputed SEO agency said, starting from creating a website for mobile users to calculating on clicks-to-call, these resources are a great way to get more customers in the long run.

  1. Make your website mobile friendly –First, you want to make your site mobile friendly. You can do this by performing a mobile speed test for the website and check the tips for responsive designing to meet your business objectives. Check if the speed of mobile website increases your number of customers and if not, then try to fix them quickly.
  2. Create your own mobile advertisements – You might think how to write your mobile ads. Well, you can go through different kinds of advertisements and create one according to your need. The common ones are text advertisements that are usually optimized for mobile phones but you will find other options too.
  3. Target for mobile devices – If you want to know if your mobile ads and campaigns are visible to people who use mobiles, try to create mobile-specific target. Professionals working in mobile ads agency in London have said, search for keywords that increase engagement of people with mobile phones and then look for the mobile-used keywords.
  4. Try to bid higher for mobile phones – You will have to set up mobile bid adjustments in order to bid higher for impressions on mobiles. Thus, your advertisements will probably be seen on mobile phones and you will have more customers.
  5. Get the most from micro-moments – After you run your own campaign for sometime, it is important to know how to improve the site performance. Make sure you focus in optimizing the campaigns to meet your business objectives.

Thus, make your website mobile friendly and get more audience who might turn out to be your potential customers.