5 Reasons Why Roller Shutters are Essential in Your Home

Roller shutters are very important for your house when it comes to staying protected from the changing weather conditions, theft and much more. We have discussed some common yet significant reasons to opt for roller shutters in your home.

1. Insulation

Roller shutters can provide a protective insulation from the outside, keeping your home in Brisbane cooler by almost 10 degrees. It can completely blackout the window helping shift workers in their job. It can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating appliance. If you go for aluminium roller shutters, you will have insulation from heat, cold and noise.

2. Security

Having roller shutters installed, not just insulates your home but keeps it protected from getting exposed to an intruder. Did you recently get robbed in your home? Don’t you have roller shutters installed? If not, it’s high time you protect your house with roller shutters in Brisbane.

Aluminium roller shutters serves as a deterrent. We don’t assure you that a thief will never attack your house but of course won’t go for the difficult process of breaking in through the secure roller shutters. If you are a traveller kind of person and your home is often locked and left unattended, do have the aluminium roller shutters as a protection shield.

3. Easy to have an emergency exit

It is obvious that you won’t have roller shutters on every window and door. Generally, windows are selected to be covered with shutters as they are most exposed to heat, cold and noise. In case there’s a fire in your house, you can always get out from the door. If a fire shutter has to enter the home, he can break the roller shutter and sneak in. GT Blinds has a special kind of aluminium roller shutter having a sensor. As soon as the fire alarm goes off, the aluminium security gets activated by that noise and the shutter opens.

4. Darkness for shift workers

Are you a shift worker who doesn’t have a fixed time to sleep? Do you miss complete darkness in your home in day time to have a good sleep after a long night shift at work? No more worries. As aforesaid, a roller shutter can almost blackout a window and this is the best ambiance for a shift worker to sleep. Another great advantage of the blackout is it restricts outside noise disturb your sleep. Now investing for a good sleep could never be considered a loss of money, isn’t it?

Install roller shutters in Brisbane from a reputed company in your region. If you get an aluminium roller shutter with the latest motorisation feature, do not miss the chance.

5. Bushfire Rated

First of all, if you are in the process of building a new home, make sure you have a BAL certificate as a proof of bushfire protection. You can also have a Bushfire rated aluminium roller shutter on the windows facing the bush. These days this has turned to be a standard practice for builders and house owners having new homes built in a bushfire prone area or simply area with bushes around.

When you plan to have roller shutters for your home, get in touch with a reputed provider like GT Blinds and ensure you get the best product and design.