5 Reasons Why India Failed to Get More Olympic Gold

India is a country with a massive population of over 1.2 billion people. However, it still fails to grab a good amount of medals at the Olympic Games. In case of Rio, the country sent its biggest-ever Olympic contingent to Brazil. Many idealists from the field of sports projected the effort as a sure-shot way to bring home a record at least 10 medals. However, it could grab only two!

The present Indian system demands detailed overhauling, in the areas of sports science as well as monitoring. Although India is considered a super power in the field of cricket and a proven leader in developing the best of business leaders and geniuses all over the world, it never gained success at the Olympic Games.

Here are five main reasons why:

1. Lack of Money

Funding is crucial for winning at the Olympics. However, in a shocking revelation by most of the skilled Indian athletes, they struggle really hard to attract ample funding for the training and equipment required. As per a statement given by the India’s only Olympic gold-medalist shooter, Abhinav Bindra, lack of government deters them to display their best at the Olympics. This shooter missed the bronze medal by a whisker at Rio.

2. Insufficient Infrastructure

This is one of the biggest problems talented sportsmen and women of India face. It is sad but true that many of the top athletes of India do not have access to the best of facilities, coaches, and equipment required for training at a world-beating level. Many of these exceptionally talented individuals are self-funded until they get medals. As per one of the latest sports updates and report online, Karnam Malleswari, India’s weight lifting champion declared that she was self-funded until she came back with a medal. She also revealed that the weights given to her for training failed to meet the Olympic standards. Malleswari won a bronze medal for weightlifting in the year 2000 in Sydney. Many other players also revealed that insufficient infrastructure often came their way in winning gold at the Olympics.

3. Less Chances to Compete with the World’s Best

Athletes in India involved in sports such as judo do not get ample opportunities to sharpen their talent by competing at an international level. These players were way behind the competition at world level. Hence, this gives them very little chance to compete and win gold at the Olympics.

4. Cricket is Religion

Indian is a cricket crazy. People here literally worship this sport and are ready to put in their blood, sweat and money for the welfare of cricket. Also considered as the King of Indian Sports, cricket manages to easily grab the lion’s share of funding by the government funding as well as sponsorship from the private sector. This has disheartened most of India’s world class athletes. These players do not get much attention. One of the classic examples is that of Dipa Karmakar. She became the first female gymnast of India to compete at the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, despite coming alluringly close to winning a medal in Rio, she got nil attention from the media, the government and advertisers.

5. Lack of Media Promotion

There’s no dearth of media companies eager to give coverage and sponsorship to players and events. However, these vibrant media organizations never bothered to show enough enthusiasm in promoting the Olympics. Despite their undying interest behind everything from Cricket, to Kabbaddi, Soccer and Hockey hopes to draw millions of advertisers and sports fans, Olympics remained out of the limelight. Many sportsmen and women feel that lack of media promotion is due to lack of ample knowledge about Olympic sports.

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