5 Creative Birthday Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Finding a perfect birthday present for your loved one is already a hard task, but when that loved one is a guy, it is a 100 times harder. What the hell do they want? And need? It is not like you can get him a flower bouquet and get it over with like he can, right?

But luckily for you, there is this new thing called the internet, where you can find all the information you need – even about these situations. Here are 5 most creative birthday gift ideas.

1. Spa day

Are you two lovebirds a little bit on a hedonist side? If the answer is yes, tell me is there a better birthday gift than a spa day or even a spa weekend for you two? A lot of spas actually have many couple opportunities and special occasion deals, when you can basically have the entire area for yourselves. However, make sure he is available on that day, and don’t tell him anything until you arrive.

And, there is another version of this – if your home has a hot tub, you can make your own private spa. Make sure the house is empty, prepare him a nice romantic dinner with a side of champagne, and decorate everything with roses. You can also give him a nice massage and overall focus on making that day all about him.

2. DIY

If you are a crafty type, then you would probably want to make something special for your boyfriend’s birthday. After all, the best gifts are the ones from the heart, and these definitely are. Plus, you can’t find them in any store.

You can make him a thing called Best date jar. Basically, take a big old jar and write more than 150 date ideas. You will never again have those: “Where do you want to go? What do you want to eat? You decide!” talks. If you are into knitting, you can make him a sweater or a scarf, and if you are into cooking you can prepare him a nice meal. It is important that your gift represents you.

3. Useful appliances

Is he one of those guys who are all about fixing and crafting stuff, firstly, consider yourself one very lucky girl. Jokes aside, a good thing about these guys is that they mostly tell everyone about the stuff they need. Maybe he has his eye on one of those powerful Karcher pressure washers or maybe the transmission in his car needs new upholstery. Did he break his favorite drill? Get him a new one. Basically, you know your man the best, so simply pay attention to what he needs or listen to what he says he needs and that is it.

4. Recreating memories

If you consider yourselves a pair of hopeless romantics that sail through the oceans of beautiful feelings towards each other, and in the same time you are just not fans of those classic gifts – this is a solution for you. There is nothing sweeter and more meaningful than adding your personal stamp to his gift. Also, another great part is that it won’t cost you much.

For example, you make him a scrapbook filled with your cute photos, memories and even screenshotted important texts. Or, you can make him a slideshow that includes your anecdotes, songs and photos. It is beautiful, meaningful and definitely something he will love.

5. Travel

You’ve been together for a long time? Why wouldn’t you escape on a romantic birthday trip together? How romantic is that? Is there any destination you are both dying to visit or keep talking about? Well, Here’s your chance. However, traveling can be expensive, so make sure you plan this ahead, and again, make sure his schedule is clear.

So there you have it, the most creative birthday gift ideas. And if you somehow think none of these will work, there is always an option to pay his favorite store a visit and get him a gift card. But whatever you do, make sure you don’t get stressed out about this. If he really loves you, and I’m sure he does, he will love whatever you give him.