5 Advantages of Laravel Framework You Can Never Stop Loving

If you want to create a website, PHP is one of the web programming languages which will get the utmost priority. Whether you are a web professional or not, PHP should be a familiar term to you if you have a little acquaintance with the web design and development. When it comes to creating a dynamic web application, PHP is a no-match. PHP is known to power approximately 30 million sites all across the globe. And regardless of your website’s size or requirement, PHP is the best language to support the site along with a solid framework. That’s why leading web development companies like Intlum always prioritize PHP as the programming language for the complex development works.

One of the most popular PHP frameworks is Laravel which is revolutionizing the world of website development. Laravel is packed with a great number of features and a standardized approach which make the framework one of a kind and one of the most adored frameworks throughout the world. Despite being a new addition in the frameworks list compared to the others, Laravel has managed to earn the love and support of the users and captivate the whole market. Below are the reasons for the exceptional success of the framework.

An Array of Available Templates

Laravel comes with preinstalled lightweight templates. These templates make the job easier for the developers to seed the contents into the framework dynamically and create marvelous layouts. Moreover, the widgets of Laravel effortlessly integrates the CSS and JavaScript codes in its framework.

Easy Programming by Artisan

Artisan is the built-in command line tool present in Laravel which enables a user to deal with the hassling job of repetitive programming. This very ability of Artisan has made life easier for all the developers across the globe. At the same time, Laravel is equipped to create the skeletal database structures and easy to manage database system migration.

Expressive ORM

Object Oriented Mapping or ORM is tremendously easy in Laravel since you can write the database queries using the PHP syntax rather than writing an SQL query. You can do it by the tables in the database that is modeled corresponding to the PHP syntax.

Modular and Libraries

There are unique libraries that can be found in Laravel that contain numerous object-oriented libraries. Authentication Library is one such library that contains great security features and easy to implement approach which increases Laravel’s acceptance amongst the mass.


Security is one of the most viable concerns that business owners have when it comes to the web applications and their development. Well, if you have availed Laravel, security would not be a concern because the framework takes care of the security by itself. The passwords saved in the database are encrypted by salting and hashing. Hence, you won’t see a password saved in plain text on Laravel.


Above are the benefits of Laravel that attract so many eyeballs and users all over the world are literally adoring the framework for any kind of web application development. If you consult with any proficient web development company, you will get the name of Laravel most of the time. Now, if you want a great web application to establish your business, you cannot take any risk to choose any framework or any web design company. Make sure you are going with the best company and arguably the best framework available at the moment – Laravel.