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3 Useful Tips for PPC

As part of a good online marketing strategy, are you using PPC effectively? As digital marketing becomes increasingly popular, as more of us take to our vast range of digital devices to browse the internet and find information easily, and you should be able to provide your consumer base with your business information. But what is PPC? Why has it seen such rapid growth and inquiries in recent years? And how does that impact SEO campaigns? Here are three tips to help you to maximise the results of your PPC campaign:

  1. Choose your keywords wisely.
  1. Ensure that the ad leads to the proper landing page.
  1. Follow-up on the progress of your ads.

Ensure your PPC is effective

When it comes to ensuring that your PPC can work its magic, start with your keywords. You will have to compete with your competitors as they will have similar keywords.  So, get creative. Use specific keywords that aren’t the most obvious or too broad. Get into the mindset of your customer – what phrases would you search? Even if you’re in the enviable position of being the only supplier of green shoes in Dubai, for example, then you would still have to use ‘green shoes Dubai’ as a keyword to help new customers find you.

Next, focus on your landing page. How frustrated will you be if you’re looking for an exact edition of a novel, and the ad you click on leads you to the home page of an online bookstore? You would have to do a second search on the website to find the product you were looking for. You should link your PPC ads directly to the relevant page so that your consumers can find what they are looking for as conveniently and easily as possible. The landing page of your website is the first page that visitors, readers and potential customers see when they click through to your website, and are usually their to reinforce the original search that a user entered into a search engine with the actual “meat” or information they have been looking for. This is where your campaign can flourish and show the consumer the content they were searching for initially, be it a product, contact information or even a page that helps your users subscribe to a mailing list. Your landing page should not confuse your customers and it should be straight to the point to avoid any confusion that may lead users to leave your web page.

Keep your eyes wide open

You will be told, by any marketer, that PPC needs to be monitored, and one of the greatest advantages of online advertising is that fact that it is measurable. That means you can change the ad, the keywords, description, image, etc, at any time or even cancel or pause your campaign. Have a look at your advertisements at least once a week to determine if they’re generating traffic. If they’re not getting the results you aimed for, try using new keywords or perhaps targeting a new audience. Remember, PPC is an auction-type advertising model. The higher your bid, the higher your chances of getting better results. Consider upping your bid for a few days and observe if that made any difference in the traffic being driven to your website. The testing and measurement of results plays a key role in effective marketing. Be sure to monitor your ad campaign regularly to ensure that you keep obtaining the best results. Did these three tips on PPC advertising help you? Share this post with your team to get the best results with your online marketing.

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