2018 Kitchen Decor Trends for Winter

The kitchen is the heart of any home, a place for family bonding – for nothing bonds people more together than when cooking and sharing meals. It is therefore the place that you want to keep spic and span, and beautiful even. Though it is not possible to remodel every year, there are little things you can do to make your kitchen appear trendy, even if it is in your Palakkad flat and not an individual home. If it is a new apartment that you are moving into, you can certainly do up your kitchen entirely, but if not, you can incorporate a few of these ideas:

  • White is out, jewel tones are in: boring white kitchens are very yesteryear. Now, jewel tones of ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire and topaz are all the rage. You can paint your walls in one of these shades, and have contrasting jewel toned accessories – curtains, mats, rugs, cabinets, small décor pieces like show plates and so on, to set the mood. It’s classy and chic without being over the top.
  • Patterned flooring: Interesting geometric designs for the floor are very popular for this year. While it may not be possible for you to pull out the old tiles in an existing apartment, you can have patterned linoleum applied on the floor, or have large checkered rugs strategically placed, to create the effect.
  • Going rustic: You can easily create a back to the basics look by placing rustic, country style wooden fruit baskets, cutlery holders, plate racks, wood paneling on the walls and floor, simple, thick cotton curtains, rugs and placements and so on.
  • Black is beauty: If you are considering purchasing new kitchen appliances, ditch the stainless steel look, and go for black. Bold and beautiful, black is making a comeback this winter in a huge way.
  • Metallic magic: Warm metal, like brass and copper accessories are also hugely popular for this particular season. Water jugs, glasses, trays, serving platters, cabinet knobs – wherever you can include a bit of vintage metal, do it, and give the kitchen in your apartment a classic look.
  • Mix-and- Match: It’s all about mixing and matching color, no need to keep it all the same. base walls and cabinets in a dark charcoal tone and upper cabinets and walls in creamy off- white tones will go well.
  • Tons of storage: If you don’t have it already, get some new cabinets made. Storage is ruling the kitchens of 2018. If you are moving into a brand new apartment, well, you have a free hand to incorporate as much storage as possible in your kitchen. It will definitely come in handy.
  • What’s out: Accent walls, haphazard architectural elements, word art and, as we mentioned earlier, all white kitchens, are all passé. So if you want to keep with the trends, avoid them.
  • Wabi-Sabi: Of Japanese origin, this means minimalism and imperfection. Use handmade and hand painted items without too much color; organic and rough pottery, linens and so on.