19 Powerful Habits of Wealthy & Successful People

In “Habits of the Rich,” Tom Corley describes the characteristics and actions that distinguish them. Stop operating as an autopilot and find out how to use them. Success and wealth: habits to be taken.

1.Defining good habits

Good habits are the foundation of wealth creation. The difference between you and the one that fails lies in your daily practices: the successful one has many, while the looser has few. Understanding those that prevent you from getting rich is the first step in improving your situation. In his book, Tom Corley invites you to take a sheet of paper and make a list of these and the steps you decide. Follow the roadmap tips, you will be amazed at your progress.

2.Set regular targets

The successful one creates goals all the time, the day before he plans his day with lists of things to do. Head to success by thinking about the long term, with daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. Not only do you set goals, but give yourself the means to do that.

3.Improve every day

Always looking for ways to improve yourself, by reading every day you become a professional student and spend time on what brings you closer to your goals. Continually in self-improvement, look for ways to broaden your knowledge as challenges.

4.Taking care of your health

Every day pay attention to your health, eat healthily and practice a regular exercise, maintain your mind and body in order to benefit from the energy necessary for your progress.

5.Maintaining relationships

Take time to strengthen your bonds of friendship and lasting relationships. Networking is something to practice in the long term, get closer to others and seek to help them without expecting anything in return. The most beautiful sound in your life is that of your name. Learn which one of your contacts. As you are impressed when someone pronounces yours, stand out by remembering that of others.

6.Doing things in moderation

Live in a balanced way, conduct your activities in moderation. This means a balanced approach to work, meals, physical activity, consumed alcohol, time in front of your TV or surfing the Internet. So take advantage of your existence, your entourage likes your company, because you are more able to collaborate or to establish new ties with a partner.

7.Keeping a positive attitude

The winner is a positive, enthusiastic, energetic and happy. Look at the good in others and in yourself, the problems are opportunities to discover new possibilities and horizons. Every day you are assailed by bad thoughts and gestures. To succeed, minimize your exposure to these nuisances and fill your mind with positive ideas by reading.

8.Save money regularly

According to Tom Corley, save yourself money worries that pollute existence, save 10 to 20% of your gross income and place them in anticipation of a less generous future or a retirement. To forget money in the future, think about it now.

9.Reject negative thoughts

You can control your thoughts and emotions. If one of them, negative, arises, chase it at once, in any case do not dwell on it, and deploy all your efforts to replace it with good thoughts. You will succeed in improving yourself by constantly confronting yourself with positive ideas or actions, which leave little room for others.

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10.Living according to your means

Avoid unnecessary expenses. Often, financial difficulties come from a way of life superior to the means, which gradually make them crumble under the debts and leak ahead of the credit card.

11.Read Business books

Reading every day increases your knowledge and know-how. When you read often, you improve yourself, and you end up above your counterparts, and you stand out from the competition. (you can check here my blog for more on best business books for beginners)

12.Limit television

Limit your television time to the maximum. Instead of wasting time watching what others are doing, act, prepare your action and realize your project.

13.Doing more than is necessary

Even if this is not included in the description of your work, do more. Make your presence or your collaboration invaluable, with the co-workers, your boss, your customers, your entourage.

14.Speak less and listen more

When you listen, you learn. As the saying goes, that’s why we have two ears and one mouth. When you take the time to really listen to what a person says, you get rich information and put yourself in a favorable position to help.

15.Persist, persist and persist

The successful one clings, looks, tries something new, persists, changes direction, but continues to advance.

16Choosing the right environment

“Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” You will not be more successful than those around you. The right association helps you reach your goals more quickly.

17.Find a mentor

Many people who have a mentor approach more easily to success. It helps you achieve your goals faster, sharing an experience is valuable as it speeds up your learning.

18.Find out why

If you know why you are doing something, you will get what you want faster than if you ignore it. Having an objective is essential to succeed in business and in life, but knowing why you want to succeed, why you really want to be rich, is also, if not more, important.

19.Dominate your fears

Everyone is afraid. The successful man controls his fears and confines them. Recognize them, confront them and look for ways to overcome them. Ask someone you admire how he dominated them and learn from his experience.

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Continuously improve your skills

To progress and progress, the only way is to become better from day to day. Identify the only point you need to concentrate on next month, which catapults you to the top of your craft and concentrate on it.Look at this for more info.

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