10 Books that each Manager Needs to Read

Are there any books that managers should absolutely read? I am convinced yes. Some of these books are technical essays – the ones I will talk about today – while others are masterpieces of narrative – I’ll talk about it in a near post.best business books (for more information on the latter, interested entrepreneurs will get redirected here).

What are the specialist essays that a manager should not get rid of? To answer this question, let’s ask a preliminary question. What are some of the most important areas that a manager should focus on ? Marketing, sales, communication. Marketing because without it you can not do business . The sale is because it is necessary to finalize the preparatory work made by the marketing as effectively as possible. Communication is why, as it is today, it is impossible to have visibility and commercial outcomes if you are not able to target your target in a targeted way.

Here’s my selection of 10 books I think absolutely essential to managers . For all managers, but especially for those who work in marketing, selling, and more generally in communication.

1) Business Writing by Alessandro Lucchini

All you have to know about professional writing. A text that teaches you to create clear and effective messages. ( My Review ).

2) Irresistible offers by Alan Rosenspan

Are there products or services that are sold on their own? No. And then this is the book that will help you write deals that will completely change the results of your sales. ( My Review ).

3) How to Treat Others and Make Friends of Dale Carnegie

A work that, despite being written in the thirties of the last century, is still fundamental to teach the art of diplomacy and the management of interpersonal relationships.

4) Working with emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman

A key text to understand what are the transversal skills we need to develop to become the most valued professionals. ( My Review ).

5) The ultimate sales letter by Dan Kennedy

Eh, already: although we live in the Internet age, sales letters still work great! And Dan Kennedy is probably the world’s greatest expert on this topic …

6) Jeffrey Gitomer Large Seller Red Booklet

A very practical and written guide with a hair-less language on the language that teaches you to become sellers capable of achieving excellent results. ( My Review ).

7) Winning! by Jack Welch

All management tips – so pragmatic about the crudity – of one of the managers who have gone to school in the last few decades.

8) The Unchanging Al-Ries and Jack Trout’s Unmistakable Alliances1 A key text to seriously understand what marketing is and how to make the most of it by doing business. ( My Review ).

9) Hot text by Lisa and Jonathan Price

The web has changed our habits also in communication. This book is one of the best to understand how to communicate on the Network. ( My Review ).

10) Create Business Models by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

A great (well-deserved) success manual dedicated to those who want to launch a new business. But the book is also useful to those who have already created a business, but wants to verify the correctness of what has been done to find out if there is something to improve. ( My Review ).

A manager who is not updating is a professional who will soon find himself working with obsolete tools. In today’s labor market, this is inadmissible. But books help us: they are a formidable medium for learning information from the powerful practical utility.

The Decalogue above contains some of the most useful volumes I have ever read, and that would certainly be useful to any manager . But I expect you have read over the years of equally fundamental books. Do you want to leave a comment below to share with us what are they?